Friday, June 28, 2013


"She is loyal and dependable. Always looking out for others; Meet Ili."

"She is very feminine who loves to make an impressive statement; Meet Jihan."

"She is regal, womanly and a real head turner. A joy to be with; meet Norkiah"

"She's high on positive spirit and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in; Meet Muneera"
Lisa Surihani.
So pretty rite? I love this collection.... #LSforJovian ! TETAPI, apa kan daya..... saya ni now tak mampu. actually bukan tak bleh belik... BOLEH LA! cume, itu la... I rather save tat money for otha things. And i'm those kind yang tak ikot trend sangat. Its really not "DIE DIE MUST HAVE ONE JM FOR RAYA" thingy rite?
And oh yeah! I do have my own new baju raya otw. I think da nak siap pon! 2 dgn Kak Wan from Joo chiat. One of the best tailor lady I've ever met! abit pricey. but her work its sooooo neat! and that is important! and of coz! my baju tunang... jgn lupa... I pakai sekali je! so why not kan pakai  repeat for raya.. It really doesn't matter to me la... Its nice and pretty okie. Its not tat hodoh not to wear for raya. *smileeeeee*
(That kain from Thailand & Brunei)
Speaking about this! I'm really excited to get kain from Arab st with the girls after raya this year! Because! we will be KAK TOTs BRIDESMAID for her wedding next year May and she wanted us to be in RED! O to the M to the G! Its really rare for me to have red! I don't hate red. but to me, red, its a fierce colour and only certain type of person can stand out with tat colour. me?! SERIOUSLY?! Nvm kak tot! sayang kau ye pasal. aku rela!!! what kind of design? oh~ tat I haven't decide yet... I need to see what kind of kain we are getting den I can decide on the design! SEXCITED GILER OKIE!!!!! dalam kita 5 orang... dia la orang pertama yang akan kawin! WUHOOOOOOO!
And speaking of the girls! I CANT WAIT TO MEET THEM NEXT FRIDAY for our YEARLY PRE-IFTAR DINNER! This is tradition. we must must must meet once before Ramadhan starts. I seriously cant wait to meet the ladies yaaaaaaw!! YEAH YEAH! =D

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran

"All I know is a new found grace,
All my days I'll know your face,
All I know since yesterday is,
Everything has changed."

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jantan Berlari

HUGE FAN OF RUNNING MAN! But this man will be my 3rd fav from RM. lol! 1st Haha Oppa followed by Gary Oppa... alahaaaaai! hahahahaha. I so wanna go and meet this tall hensem funny always kene bully guy... tetapi... apa laaa nasib.... MAHAL SANGAT NYAH!!! Tak mampu I! LOL!!! bukan tak mampu la............... kalau byr mahal2... den kalau paham apa dia bual2 takpe jgak... all I know his English pon tak byk la dlm dictionary dia.... Limited. Tgk dia kat RM bual2 English pon mcm terkial2. hahahaha... BETUL TAK?! =D
Haha Oppa pon nk dtg singapura... tetapi... dgr2 bulan puasa dia turun...den dia turun zouk la pulak!! apa la nasib ku!! tak dpt jmp si pendek tu! not blaming its fasting month ok... tapi salah day je.... tapi kalau day betul pon... and buat kat zouk.... aku tak pegi nyah! da lama dok aku tak turun tmpt2 sebegini.. where got time. da tua. da takde masa.
Anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay, details below for those yg nak tgk si panjang nie dtg singapura nya..
Lee Kwang Soo Fan Meeting in Singapore
Date: 17 August 2013, Saturday
Time: 7pm
Duration: Approx 2 hours
Venue: Festive Grand Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
Ticket Price: Category 1: $198 (includes a Hi-5 session)
                       Category 2: $148

Hi5 With Lee Kwang Soo
*All Category 1 ticket holders are entitled to Hi5 with Lee Kwang Soo
Date: 17 August 2013, Saturday
Time: 9.15pm (Immediately after Fan Meeting)
Venue: Festive Grand Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa
PS: Now cuaca tak sebegitu baik. don't forget to drink lots of water and wear mask if its like teruk to u... if KRONIK, please pakai N95 if possible... kalau takde.... mask biasa pon jadi uh... ini utk prevention! kalau u pegi kedai...and its out of stock... pakai tissue tutup suah... mcm satu patient yg coliq aku nampak tadi kat tempat keje... kelakar sak dia cerita kan... tapi tetap dia pandai PREVENT ok! if theres a will....theres a way!! TAKE CARE!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Inai di jari merah saga menyalaaaaaa....

I'm one happy lady yesterday at the EXPO. Lain yg aku carik.. lain yg aku book! LOL!! Sebab smlm mcm tak byk entertainment la kan...and smlm mmg tak byk vendor2 yg sewaktu dgn nya... nvm... tak important..
so we wen few rounds... and I saw Syraskins booth. I was telling my Mister if I could book her now.. coz dia kan mcm hotcakes jgak.... hahahahaha. anyway, I've bn her stalker for a very long time.. and I love hennas.... cuma itu la... aku ni tak pandai draw2.. Kalau pandai... I da mmg buat sendiri.. lol!!
So dgn slumber nya saya ke booth... and just straight to the point and I said "hi! can I book u now?!" lol!!! org slalu nya start of with "Hi.. may I know how much is ur bla bla bla bla.?" aku takde dok. coz as I said... I've bn her stalker for a long time.. so I know her price range! LOL!! she's such a pretty lady real life... and very nice... she suggested abt the timing and date yg patut dia come over to do the designs.. and she said... theres no hidden cost..
I even asked her a very stupid question "ade tak org da book for 2015?" hahahahaha. iye la... aku ni mcm kanchiong! but.... I know who I wan mah... so buat apa hegeh2 rite?! and she said "ade! oct nov bride 2015 da ade org book.." hahaha. well, i'm not the onli kanchiong bride 2015 okie...
ALHAMDULILLAH! Happy lil miss bride me! Another 1 thing I can add to my budget list. =)

Bridal Henna: Syraskins

Saturday, June 15, 2013

As for now......

Selamat siang kawan-kawan. This week at Singapore Expo ade Orange Exhibition's Wedding, Lifestyle & Shopping Paradise 2013. SAPE2 PERGI ANGKAT TANGAN PLS! *me me me me!!*
I nak pergi sane becoz I nak tgk entertainment.... very fickle at this point... becoz, aku nie sejap nak traditional band den sejap nak dj karaoke... den nak traditional band balik... den tiba2 nak dj karaoke balik! I got few in mind... as usual!  
Traditional band:
  1. Orkes Mutiara (still waiting for their reply)
  2. Munir Band Traditional (as for now its $1500)
  3. Sinar Fusika (as for now its $1700)
  4. Team Eva Luna Wedding Services (as for now its $1400)
  5. Gendang Akustika (as for now its $1400)
and the dj karaoke thingy I only haf Sugar Pop Productions with Khairudin Samsudin ... hahahahaha. fickle-ness over-loaded. NVM.... lets jus see see look look who is ard for the dj thingy over at EXPO. actually, I don't know who will be there in EXPO. Like mcm mak andam and deco and etc2 tu semua standard la kan... ade byk! krg tgk pelan2 k... ;)
Den since we are there da terlanjur ke sane.... mcm nak tgk those mcm pre/post wedding photoshoot. I've got nobody in mind tho. coz some said do it in JB... some even better..."malas nak pegi MY, Singapore pon ade.." haha! tgk dulu mcm mane... coz I just talked to the Mister shud we haf it before or after. He, being himself saying "tgk mcm mane... kalau ade duit kita buat la before... kalau tak... selepas pon bleh..." yeah I kinda agree.... I dun really think so much abt this photoshoot.. but as for kenangan sakes.... I jus wanna haf a studio ye kind of photoshoot. u know wat I mean?! hahaha.
Put that aside... Let me share my budget list with u ladies..... My budget list mcm "hentam sajalah"  punya list.. Just updated early of this month...
(Double click to see much more clearer version. Yang kursus rumah tangga tu errornya. bukan 2016, tapi kami nak abik 2014.)

I've got my MUA, Photography & Videography, Deco & caterer done! Happy with my choices.

Make up/Mak Andam: Peti Solek - The Bridal Room

They are like my 3rd choice in my list. Versari Ade was my number 1 choice. I love their songket and make-up... but after so many months... looking at their pictures in FB... Hairstyling drg tu..... mcm biasa je..... BUT I LOVE THEIR SONGKET LA. Alllaaaahaaaaai~ 2nd was The Wedding Brocade ... but 1 of my orang kuat taking them... so yeah... I tak abik la... coz I nie semacam... IF POSSIBLE tak nak same same gan orang2 kuat.... feeling mcm tak best uh... hahahaha. WEIRD ME I know... tapi TWB... Drg ye baju jambu2 also...

So why PSTBR? Senang cakap.. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM! hahaha! From make - up super nice... from my point of view la.. lain orang lain.. agree..? and i'm super particular abt kening... I want it thick and nice. lol! Hairstyling I just wan those swirl type.. or apa2 yg ade la.. coz hairstyling also plays apart.. since i'm not a Hijab lady.. And kak Yaya told me she will need at least 2 hours for jus hairstyling! abik kau! hahahahahaha! and baju dia is those mcm java2 type... BUT FEAR NOT! they are bringing in their latest design end of the year.. Dahlia collection. And I've seen the samples... its soooo gorgeous!!!! I cant wait to see the whole package next year! And yes. Syukur Alhamdulillah... they are available for both dates.. so scared I cant have them...They are super nice.. and my Tunang and kak yaya really can get along.. ley nyanyi ni drg time kita jmp. LOL!! and I got their promo price.  =)

Photo & Videography: Clearlens Production
(I cant find the updated ones in Youtube.. but just show anyway..)

I just wan something tats will be in a package.. Always wanted bliss... but mcm ter-OVER sgt budget. hahaha.. Tak apa.... so, after much considering~~~ We've chose Clearlens Production. and I've asked my very own senior from sec school to do the job for us for our big day!! he's werking under them... I've seen his work.. and I've seen his recent video.... I've always known he's good with his cameras la.. kenal da lama pon... hahahahaha! so, we jus need to decide if he will be the cameraman or videoman! hahahaha... itu he said we can decide later2 part... he said he's comfortable with both.. if dia cameraman... his otha 2 coliqs will be the videographer (oh! ade 2 videographer.. satu side Mister.. satu side I)... if he's one of the VD.... 1 of his coliq will be the cameraman... I think I wan him to be the cameraman... yes?! hahahaha. seeeee how!! and yes! they will be at expo till Sunday... can check them out okie!! and yes... its within the budget....hehehehehe! so happy!!
so deco and catering tak yah ckp la nya... da blg krg in the last post! LOL!! and u nmp tak merah2 tu... makna ye... itu TER-OVER BUDGET sikit! LOL!!!!!!
ALHAMDULILLAH! All the major ones in my list DONE!!!! da tak payah pikir byk. and Insya Allah la.. I wont change any of it... coz it will be chaotic somehow if I wanna chg... anyway... I love my choices... and tat is jus the best feeling in the world! hehehehehe!!
Till the next post! See u ard at expo if anyone of u recognises me! by the way, HAPPY SATURDAY LOVELIES!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

alahaaaaai bunga ooooi

WASSSSSUP BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! I'm in a blogging mood now. jus so u know. this entry I think its gonna be long! Before I start! just to let u ppl know, my dad is back home! ALHAMDULILLAH! Onli tat now, he doesn't want to eat those sweeeeeeeeeet food! EXCELLENT! hahahahaha!!
ORAIT!! BUNGA WILL BE THE TOPIC TONIGHT. Aka BOUQUET! Yes yes yes. I love bouquet actually. but i'm no minah bunga jiwang nie semua okie. I jus love looking at pretty bouquet! So! I asked my mister, "Nak ke tak nak eh order bunga... for keepsake. Simpan kenangan." jawapan dia adalah! "Buat apa.... ti bende tu tak tau ke mane.. dalam store room agak nya... kalau tak... kat dalam tong sampah." Alaaaaaahaaaaaaai~~ LELAKI KENAPA LA SUKA CKP GITU!! Tapi ade betulnya jgak.... sejap je bende tu akan di hias.. den biar di-habuk kan! LOL!!! tapi dok! lawa kan dok! aku suka giler! by saying that.... I have few in mind.... local and non local vendor... da recce dok! hahahahaha... kes takde keje kat keje...
Like local... u ladies can check out Heirblooms - Bridal Bouquet Couture / Facelift Design & Interiors / Cradle Love by Matyn + Mishel (just to name a few. I bet most BTB knows who is who la kan.) And they are kinda in my top list as for now for local vendors. Pretty flowers pretty flowers!!! And I super like Facelift Designs bouquet.. UNIQUE... like this pic showing below.. in love gan ni sgt sgt sgt! coz its purple(its my favourite colour! and I love brown too. and white too.)
And den one fine day, I was browsing tru my IG... den mcm tak tau tetiba ternmp tis bunga under tis hashtag #foreverfloral (coz i myself pakai tat # kdg2.).. si mentel ni pegi la mcm "click" itu #foreverfloral den itu la diaaaaaaaa.... discovery!! under tat # byk bouquet! lol! so pegi la tgk2! and ade pic tu drg letak webbie ETSY... HAPPY GILER DOK AKU! mcm org giler masok itu website... krg pegi tgk la.... byk bende la itu webbie.. mcm2 ade... tapi aku standard... under tat webbie... aku nampak 'wedding'... click and recce more la kaaaaan! hahahahahahaha.. mcm excited la pulak nk blg krg! hahahaha...
Ok! ME! Found this webbie.... and i'm gonna bet! ladies2 yg cerdik pon da discover this webbie or mebbe webbie yg jual2 bouquet2 jgak kan?! hahaha. takpe la.. aku blg je krg... hahahaha. and lets jus jump to the conclusion....... BYK YG LAWA2!! Yg Singapore aku tak pernah nmp(mebbe I potek. tak pernah nmp i dunno la.) .. yg nie! mcm2 kau ley nmp... seashells. papers. buttons. peacock feathers. etc etc etc!!!!!!! 
prices.. ade mahal nak mampos. ade reasonable nak mampos. ade murah tapi delivery ye mahal... ade bunga mahal tapi delivery murah.. ade da la mahal den delivery pon mahal! cekik to the darah betul. but i'm being patience(ya rite!)... tgk la pelan2.. smpai naik penat... but den.... I found THE ONE. lol! tak la... still long way to go... but OMG! I'm loving it... its soooo cute and so prettaaaaay! and aku mcm nak order je. LOL! This vendor is from HK... As for now, her bouquet aku berkenan uh! meh aku show off sikit!

alaaaahaaaai... chomel la nie... cantik kan kan kan... haha... in love in love in love...... suka sgt sgt sgt la! hahahaha. OKIE YANI ENUFF! LOL!! But its sooo cute!! hahahaha. k da da... mane tau next yr ade yg lagi lawa.... if berkenan den order.. kalau takde yg berkenan and mcm rasa mcm wasted jgn order... local or non local can decide later on... its just tat I just wanna share this beautiful bouquet la... alaaaahaaaaaai~~~~
and theres few more pic of bouquet which i'm in love with... from different-different vendor. tho. that I really think tat we cant find it in Singapore.... I mite be wrong.... forgive me if i'm wrong okie.... preetttaaaay flowwweeers up!


Friday, June 7, 2013

My dad.

Hello helloooo hellooooooo~~~~~~~ Syukur ALHAMDULILLAH its Friday to those whose working this whole week... weekends its here already!!!
Anyway, i've bn away from work since Wednesday due to my dad been warded @ NUH. Y? Tapak kaki dia bernana since last Saturday(if i could remember..) saying that he cant walk properly... told him and forcing him to go emergency he doesnt want... so he bare with his pain till Tuesday... he req to see the family dr.. so we wen down... and he got his jab(i think its to tahan sakit).. but the next day.... his foot became more swollen den before... so he himself.... said that he wanna stay in hospital.. so we rushed down to emergency and he finally been warded as his request... itu la... i told him.... dgr ckp aku tak nak.... konon ley tahan... i did forced him... but dia degil(aku pon same.. ikot peragai dia...) and now dia buat itu ward mcm bilik hotel... relek... mkn.... chill... lol!!
I wont say its not serious... its kinda serious becoz he's dietbetic(under insulin) and got darah tinggi and such... and he had his stroke(mild not so major) in 2008... so it has its complication... and wen it comes to foot.... my mum and me was telling him "takot kene potong....".. coz we all know, wen its diebetes it can be related to surgery becoz of his sugar level and such... takot kan?! aku sendiri takot...
But ALHAMDULILLAH! Yesterday, ard 6.15++++ pm.... this kinda lembut young man Dr came and talked to me.... he did told us before(that wednesday nite itself) tat my dad high chance need to undergo the surgery.. and of coz la we family worried... but he said yesterday.... my dad not as bad as otha patient... high chance now NO NEED surgery... but they will need to monitor him 1st... he need to take the anti-biotic to see if it settle down by itself... and take his blood test seeing if its result slowly2 come down... or still going up... if lets saaaaaay, his blood test is still abnormal....its just meant that the anti-biotic doesnt work on him... den we will need to think about surgery.. jauh kan la itu surgery... tapak kaki tau.... imagine uh... if surgery... adui... dunno wen he can walk.... u know wat i mean...
My mum, she said... she's confident that my dad no need any surgery... but i did told her.... "jgn high hope... ti kalau kene surgery nanti kan terperanjat...ti salah kan Dr... so jgn high hope dulu... tgk dulu mcm mane ni bende jadi ke tak....." ... she understood la.... Last night, my dad started his drip of anti-biotic... hopefully it works for him.... coz i wanna see him walk as per normal... and now he really need a strict diet... mane tak ye... suka mkn durian la... minum manis2... air gas pon dia jalan... actually byk bende dia tak ley mkn... becoz of his degil-ness la dia mcm gini... baik2 no need insulin.. he need insulin now.. he jus started like 2-3 months ago...
hopefully after this, he will wan to listen to us more... coz in his ward... i tell u.... 3 of dem.... da pegi surgery... satu apek tu baru hlg kaki dia.... yg pakcik melayu tu baru kene insulin... tapi kaki dia da kene balut..den mcm kronik jgak aku tgk pakcik tu... coz i overheard the nurse said "how can u like u wan... den u do..dun wan.. den don do.... cannot... this is serious....(while showing the insulin thingy to him)"... and den... lagi satu pakcik tu... pon baru pegi surgery... buuuut, tk tau uh pasal apa... tgk dia mcm diebetes pt jgak... so yah... hopefully my 1 and only dad nie wake up! hahahaha.. 
So sape2 yg baca tu... please pray for my dad okie... kesian jgak tgk dia bosan2 kat hospital tu... hahaha...And sapa2 yg ade parents ke pakcik or makcik ade diebetes or u urself is a diebetic pt... pls do tell them to take care of their diet becoz it is important... dun missed any meds tat had bn instructed from dr and pharmacist.. yes they are not God.. But they are just trying to prevent u from something major. okie?!  =)

Monday, June 3, 2013

TWO to the N to the E to the ONE

(2NE1 - I Love you)
This is like my jam now. i think its an old song. I dun understand anything... but sounds like a pretty sad song tho~ haha! watever, i'm starting to like this girl group. total hotness!
CL definitely the next EVE yaaaaawwww~ Nikki Minaj pon kalah la okie! i swear!
(CL - The Baddest Female)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dias Dias Dias~

(the Bride & Groom. PS: I curik from her FB. SORRY!)
(Served with awesome spread of fooooooooood!)

(us, duh! for the guestbook.)

(the lovely dias. very mcm morrocan vibe eh!)

Well oh well. My ex watsons coliq finally married to her prince charming. i swear... her occasion very super the meriah giler nak mampos. feeling mcm dalam hindi ye wedding. so nice the feeling. and her DJ played all the hindi songs... like mcm nak joget gitu. hahaha. sorry. i love love love hindi songs. the oldskool ones...soundtrack from the best of best hindi movies like, "DIL TO PAGAL HAI" or "MAAN" or "KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI" (confirm salah spelling to all the title!)... BEST SGT I SUKA! Evenmy partner pon naik shiok gan the songs and member tambah makan oooooi~ maklom la... favourite dia pon. BRAYANI DUM~ anyway, thanks for the invite and congrats to u and ur mr! may u have a blissful marriage! <3
Lets go back to the title "Dias Dias Dias"... hehehehehehe! i'm very very very the fickle minded wen i wanted to choose the vendor for the dias + decor. So my option was Daundco. Way before i got engaged i have them in mind. becoz of their frameworks and details. and it look so neat.... and they were my 1st choice. But yeah, i have to think twice before i make any decision back den... so i asked for quotation... and its sort off way out off my budget. sad sad sad! But its okie....
Den i haf few more vendors that i had in mind. Like PU3, Comel Molek, ISs Wedding Designs and Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Services.. discussed with the orang kuat also.. becoz 1 of them took PU3 and the other gf of mine took Comel Molek.. and actually, kalau bleh i tak nak same same gan org kuat u see... i dunno la.. my mindset super weird! haha. Talked to mum abt it... den mum wanted to find something that will make our life easier... that is to get Deco + catering package! hahaha. idea kan kan kan...? coz we don want to see any misunderstanding from diff deco and diff caterer. coz believe me.. i heard few yg tak ley CLICK ooooi~ hahahaha.
So we cut down our option to PU3, CM and FDCWS. After PM dem in FB. Quotation given via email. And keep reading and research abt them. looking at the dias. looking at their food. asking around abt the vendors. And den we cut down again. and we left with PU3. haha. and gueeeesss whaaaaaaat! WE DIDNT PICKED ANY OF THEM AFTER SO MUCH THINKING & TALKING & ABIT OF GADUH DUE TO BEING FICKLE!
So, i saw this promo(i know i know.. no need to say.... sometimes promo tak ley caya... tul tak?) about Amani Weddings.. expo punya yg sikit ari tu... yg during the vesak day weekend. JENG JENG JENG!! I talked to my mum.... and she said lets jus go down and see what they have to offer.. oh yeah!! suka sgt dia ye package... and i love their food. i've been to few weddings who took dem and its soooooo delish! lain org ye tekak lain la k.. and their deco also... to me not messy... jus straight forward.......... u know wat i mean... but before heading down... i did my research...... so faaaaaar la kan........ wen i read in forums and their fb and their webbie... hard to see bad comments abt them... except from my coliq uh... mebbe its just unlucky... but tats only 1 bad comment from many tat i read from the web.. told mum wat i read and heard....
so we just wen down on a sunday.... and surprisingly, not many ppl turned up! so, no disturbance... jus us and kak fasha from Amani group. kak fasha was so nice.... explaining to my mum every package... and my mum... SUMPAH! dia pon fickle yg mane satu dia nak... and kak fasha need to explain again and again abt the package.. sabar je dia aku rasa.. lol! but we laughed now and den... we crack jokes and such la... so its not awkward... even her bro(oh yah... drg nie adik beradik bukak business nie... tapi boss is abg kino... he wasnt ard due to something) very funny!
after much talking.... and mum keep asking "yang mane kau nak?" and "kau pilih la.. kau yg nak kawin.." and "kau betul nak yg nie(as in 'u really wan them?')??"... end up... dia yg pilih package C.... hahahahahahaaha! coz she really liked the fact tat ade mkn malam as in mkn aft nikah... and ade live station and such.... and jgn terkejot la.. aku tgk menu dia.. pey byk makan! hahahaha. and i can forsee my non muslim frens will appreciate the food spread. u know some non muslims don like spicy food.. some dun fancy nasi brayani... cerewet. biasa la kan... manusia.... hahahahaha!
Finally, we chose AMANI WEDDINGS for my BIG DAY! YEAH ME!! depo done.. no la... i wont regret.. as long drg ikhlas... and as long i don hear any bad news abt them in BERITA HARIAN suah. yes.. i haf like 1 year 10 months to go. but i haf secured the MAIN thing in my list... actually i secured 2 more things in my list... i will share with ya if i'm not tired in a few days... happy me! not being kanchiong... but u know wat.. i'm not being kiasu... i've read forums.... many 2015 bride haf already secured alot of things! we are not kiasu.. we jus wanna secure the slots.. u know wat i mean BTB!?
So here are just few pix i'm gonna show off from Amani Weddings(deco):

Add them on FB : Amani Wedding Catering
Or like them on FB : Amani Weddings
Check out their Website :

Saturday, June 1, 2013

30th March 2013

Moment: Sarung cincin.
Hello June! Fast eh mid year already. AHAMDULILLAH. This year so far its a good year. SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH. And soon it will be our FASTING MONTH. Cepat betul.. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE HOLY MONTH. Inysa Allah...
Anway, exactly 2 months ago, 30th March 2013 will be the day to remember this year of my life as i became Mr Nerd(he's a IT freak. will gossip abt him one day.)'s fiance. I cant believed that this day happened. Supposed to be last year September 2012.. but long story... we postponed to this year lor... Alhamdulillah everything wen smoothly.
Lets recap(its gonna be a long entry i think.. be ready!).......
So we picked that date becoz it was a long weekend on that particular week.. so we have time to do last minit thingy like collect some stuff and such. And guess what! we did our trays decor on that friday nite itself. But i have to thanks to my 2 SIL and both my big bros to help me out with the decor. They so awesome la... TEAMWORK! And i have to thank my 2 orang kuat who came on Thursday to help me out with the ribbons and baskets. They are the best gfs! Thanks Kak Tot & Bonnie for the helped!
So wen the day came..... it was a joyous moment of my life... Bonnie requested to have a theme for my engagement.. so i chose BLACK and all 8 orang kuat came and looking so good in BLACK... Food was awesome...thanks to my awesome mummy who sponsored the food... THANK U MAK!!! Family members mostly turned up...its onli a family(plus my 8 orang kuat) occasion and thats y i dont invite any of my coliqs or kwn2 luar.. coz its was actually a small event...SORRY,  NO NEED TO BE KECIK HATI KALAU TAK DPT INVITE PON. HAHA! and everything wen perfectly AWESOME!
And oh! i do not engaged any MAK ANDAM for the party... becoz.... its just tunang.. and i dont want to waste so much $$ on it.... so last year, i tailored my silver kebaya(oldskool ok!) and its so pretty.. and i asked my very own cuzzy whos a MUA from M.A.C to be my so called MAK ANDAM. And i swear, her wonderful hands make me look like a beautiful bride(angkat bakul sendiri nampak!).. I req for thick brows and red lipstick and she stick with the plan... i really loveeeeee it i swear... Thanks to Kak J for ur work!
Hairdo? OH! i did it myself! betul punya nak cut cost. so i borrowed my coliq curler and just curled it up with hairspray. and yes! it look freaking awesome powsome! a very job well done by me of coz! hahahaha. again! i suka "angkat bakul" sendiri. menyampah rite?! hahahaha.
And i haf to thanks Mr K for letting me have ur awesome sony camera at the very last minute! so nice of u asking if i want ur camera... yes. i do not engaged photographer too! its not really necessary for such occassion. i mean. thats my point of view. Diff people diff POV ya! So my orang kuat MR N! He became my part time photographer lor! captured the moment that i told him to take. And he did a very good job! and most of my orang-orang kuat used their smartphones to captured the moments too! hahaha. see, i do have alot of photographers on that day itself! hahaha! and its FOC!!
And end of the awesome event... my SIL and bros helped out cleaning the hs.... Thank GOD we haf them to help us out with the messed up work.... I LOVE U GUYS!!!
so yaaaaaa~ itu la dia...... hari gemilang i~~~ hahahaha... small event je..... daaaa jadi tunang orang.... unexpected that i will be marrying Mr Nerd in 2015... Insya Allah!
so heres another few more pix to show off...... =)
(Make up done by Kak J. Hairdo done by me.)
(DIY Franc Franc hand bouquet.)
(DIY Black, white & silver Gift deco. Cakes & such mostly given by the family members.)

Pre-warn introduction.

Alright! i'm back to blogging since GOD knows wen la. Haha!

Well, Hello EVERYBODY(if anybody reads this la.)!!! So basically, i wanted to be u know... a wedding blog since i'm kinda obsessed with wedding prep(aku tau lama lagi but wth i dun care..... hehe) and all. But dont worry! i wont be talking abt wedding all the time....

This BLOG will be basically abt my "almost" normal life.
This BLOG will be boring(CONFIRM TAKDE ORG BACA).
This BLOG will be "BOCHAP" full of typo and grammar and vocab error(which again... i dont even care! haha!!)
This BLOG will be "ROJAK". Malay + English languange. so jgn pening2.

Actually, i'm SUPER slumber. kadang2 cakap tak tgk kiri kanan depan belakang atas or bawa. So kalau tersinggung sesiapa punya hati tu, HARAP MAAF KAN la nya... kita nie manusia biasa.... ppl do make mistakes. CORRECT?!

And yes, i suka sgt dgn punya blog. dia power giler(tak lokek ideas. its like "sharing is caring. caring is sharing". get it? LAME! IKR!) and she was recommended by my BFF Miss N(dia pon obsessed gan kawin2 sebab member nak kawin next yr march! sexcited for her!). Seriously i love reading her blogs. Too many ideas and her links r so helpful. kalau krg tak percaya pegi click itu link. THANK U IN ADVANCE <3

Its like midnite now. Mata tak ley angkats. Introduction abt me? hahaha. ESOK JE LAH SAYA BLG. hehe.

Selamat Malam :)