Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I really sucks with wishes. But, she knows, shes the best mum in the world(as in for me la of coz!). Without her, I will be lost. Moga panjang umur & murah rezeki Mak.
(Yup, that's my adorable parents. <3)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I've got like FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE(number cantik eh...triple 5!) more days to go before the day comes. And I'm starting my kawin-kawin mode again....
Heres my latest QUESTION.
To have karaoke or not to have karaoke?
Sikit hari, sebenarnya saya nak sangat traditional band. but its pricey satu. Den, I will not be ard wen they are gazaling kat mph aku tu... actually I love watching and listening to them live. shiok! den aku takde whole day kat situ... and not to forget..... my mph is pretty small. so if i'm taking anyone of the traditional band... I need to pasang tent just for dem... mcm sikit ye buang duit kan? da lah mahal den nak kuar kan duit lagi utk tent.. aduuuui... bankrupppppt i!~~ haha. plus I dunno if my 2 bros wanna share $$ for the traditional band... coz drg ckp tgk budget... totally understand becoz both of them da berumah tangga... ade anak.... eh aku takdela k nak take advantage abg2 aku.... :)
Theres another reason for Y I cant have traditional band.... my catering. makanan will take up a lot of space. sebab well well well... makanan maha byk okie. I can forsee the stretch of food kat bawa tu. mane gan makanan melayu. mana dgn roti kirai live station. mane dgn makanan jepon dan ciner and clam chowder ye station(Asian Fusion food uh konon). and of coz not forgetting......... the popcorn station for kids since aku takde berkat utk kanak-kanak riang nie... AAAAA! ABIK KAU NYAH! ti abik traditional band tak nampak apa benda pon dari drg... kene block gan makanan. So NO NO NO Traditional band. OOOOUT!~
Den Sugar Pop was my another choice. just becoz of  Khairudin samsudin as the deejay/emcee for the day. But, the problem is....... I dun see much reviews pasal drg kat FB dia... anybody kalau da pernah experience or pernah pegi wedding org2 yg pakai Sugar Pop... apa pendapat anda? REVIEW PLEASE.
Den I go tru Kakak Kahwin-Khronicles punya directory(nasib baik ade kakak nie... kalau tak I really dunno when or where to start recce).... go tru one by one...... and ade la yg mcm da stuck kat kepala otak nie.... if yang lain2 ade yg nak recommend tu siler2 la nya msg.... hehe..
Den! YES! KARAOKE OR NOT TO KARAOKE. Coz mindset aku... kalau bleh tak nak memekak gn suara "SEDAP" dorang. kurang ajar eh aku. LOL! But seriously... some weddings tat I wen too... aduhaiiiiiiii...... nak tarik tak ley tarik ooooooi~ nanti orang ketawa kan paisey pulak kan... hahahaha. den.... kalau boleh.. IF ade karaoke... nanti semua nak nyanyi lagu pedih2..... jiwa retak.... alahaaaaai... happy occasion siuuuul. nak pedih2 kat majlis aku apa hal... LOL!!!
and I got another worry... what if I got a karaoke set up... den none of them wana sing? mcm mane!? coz side aku.. as in family aku takde la fanatic karaoke sgt... ade pon gitu2 je.. if side tunang aku tu lain uh... drg ade supporting sikit.... kecoh jgak drg... side aku the opposite... and I don tink my bridesmaid wanna sing too. drg pon nak glamour2 that day. LOL! tak nak jatuh image orang kata.. lol!! well, ade susah. tak ade pon susah. haix. pening pening pening.
nasib uh ade lagi mcm 555 more days for me to think carefully... but actually I really wanna book early.... lepas tu tak piker lagi.... u know wat I mean? hahahahahaha. kanchiong btb am I?!
So sapa2 nak recommend any entertainment yg best2 ke... msg saya ye.. terima kasih..

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shoooot me.

I've been a stalker this many2 months. Original plan was... I wanted this particular team or BLISS to be part of my wedding. To be the photographer for the day. BUT! Me....... being me.... I wanted something simple. No need to find diff photographer... den videography diff.... u know, BANYAK PAKAI DUIT U KNOW! hahahaha. But ALHAMDULILLAH.... I never regret having Clearlens Production .. NEVER! And pretty much impressed with Encik Saiful punya skill abik gambar wedding2. senjak menjak nie, dia mcm promote his skill dekat IG dia... LAWA LAWA LAWA.... If  I got the time... I will show some of his latest wedding pictures okie... and and and.... video dorang simple.... and nice.... tak la complicated.... very very impressed. *smiiiiilleeeeeeeee*
So ya! Back to stalking.... I think many of u know NuruddynAF Photography ... WAH!! I am soooo in love with his pre/post wedding photoshoot uh.... I mean.... some may want those studio punya kind of shoot... BUT ZAMAN KITA MANE NAK STUDIO LAGI! U know wat I mean young couple....!! Haiyo... I told Mister already.... if we gonna have a shoot... hopefully we can haf him as our photographer... INSYA ALLAH... all this may change mah... mane tau next year ade org lain yg aku berkenan.... and 2nd choice will be Kahwin Kawin Bridal .. drg pon not bad ! Lawa... and baju drg pon nice-nice. I suka sgt! hahahaha!
anyway, I think... or shud I say... WE THINK, we jus wanna haf a pre/post photoshoot in Singapore... Malas betul nak travel Malaysia or Indon or whatever part of the world for just a photoshoot.. u know wat I mean... I rather haf someone in Singapore rather den out of Singapore. Time not wasted. Den if end late also, it doesn't matter... coz we are still in SINGAPORE. Actually, one of my Doctors shared with me some of the vendors in JB... And her outdoor shoot was in JB. LAWA NYAH! BAJU PON LAWA. BACKGROUND DIA MCM LAWA GILER LA... Tapi JB... malas. lol!! ade eh orang mcm aku malas nak travel2. lol! WHERE GOT TIME! Cakap gini... nanti last-last buat OUT OF SINGAPORE jgak eh! LOL! See how... still got time to think about it~ hehehe.
okie uh... with that... let me share NuruddynAF Photography picture with u all okie... so lawa la! I cannot stop looking at the pictures! STALKER!!!!




Thursday, August 8, 2013

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

(Raya 2012 with Mister)

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all!
Alhamdulillah. 1 month Ramdan ended just like that. Insya Allah we will meet u again next year. To BTB who is getting married anytime soon... this will be ur last raya before u going to be somebody wife... enjoy every moment being single during this raya okie... hehehe... =)
Before I forget.... Happy 35th Monthsary to Mister & me! 1 more month and we turn 3! Insya Allah. Looking forward for seafood session next month with u! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
K korang! Enjoy the wonderful new year... looking forward to AWESOME FOOD tomorrow! yea yea yea! hehehe...
Till we meet again.....

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Eversince I've moved house 2 years ago... my room been empty without any ayat. Jus becoz I dun see any that I berkenan. si Geylang tu... si habibi tu jual... MAHA MAHAL. Tapi, of coz la its super nice. very the mcm arab kinda frame and all that.. I've always wanted u know those Chinese calligraphy thingy... but it cost a bomb. lol! i will search for one if we have our own house..
Well, then hari ini! Yet another discovery! Meet Kufinista !! I've seen their piece in one of my gf ye IG... and she gave the link and all in her insta.. Seri if u are reading this.... thank u so much babe! hahaha. i'm very impressed with almost all of their piece. Simple. used a lot of element to make a piece. colours and all. and me... being me... pretty much in love with their basics. that's the white and black piece.. will show abit of their piece lata part of the entry..
So! me! jus PM them like 10 mins ago before blogging this entry... and i'm waiting for their reply. i hope they still take orders eventho its ending of Ramadan and coming to Syawal... takot2 drg bz.. and even if they accept my order.... i dun mind having it by end month of Syawal. Totally understand.. its FESTIVE SEASON YAAAAAW! Hehe. Tak semesti ye hari raya je kene ade ayat kan... u know wat i mean...
Yezzaaaaa!! i'm super super happy 1 found one that is soooooooooooo me. and pretty much follow my room theme. oh ya. my room super boring la... mebbe with this Kufi piece of art... the room can bring a whole new meaning. hahaha. Insya Allah.
And here a little sneak peek of their work. Mostly in Allah Muhammad or Shahadah. More enquiry can PM them intheir FB.

(Facebook: Kufinista)