Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"A Light That Never Comes" (Official Lyric Video) - Linkin Park & Steve ...

For those who doesn't know me...
And always wanted to get married to MIKE SHINODA.
Still remember how happy I was when I get to shake hands with him right after Fort Minor concert!
It was my bday present from SIL and and and and I received another tix from Denise Keller(remember that hot MTV VJ?)!
From that LOOOOOONG Q, of AAAAALLLLL people, she approached us!?
Its like she knows it was my bday!
But too bad laaaaa.... called cousin and bro... neither of them can come down to watch the concert with us... so I kept it! hehe

Monday, September 16, 2013

colours and updates

The mummy already warn me. "kau jgn abik pink ataupon purple eh!" SUDAH TERANG PINK OUT! hahahaha. Me & Pink really cannot get along. UNLESS its our very own Miss Fickle(u know who u r!!!!). Dia FOREVER Pink. Apa2 PINK la.... dia suka. just give it to her. she will just scream of happiness. LOL!
But, actually, Pink is nice for pelamin/deco. It all depending of what kind of pink u r talking about. But no uh. hahaha. PINK IS OUT DEFINITELY!
Purple. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE PURPLE! But, I don't want purple since mak nya da sound. so terpaksa la kene pangkah itu Purple. Alaaaaahaaaaaai~~ Mebbe she sees to much purple in me. to many baju kurung in purple. pen purple. pencil box ade shades of purple. mcm takde colour lain. hahaha.
I dunno why, out of no where. I've been googling about orange. erk! but those kinda pastel kind of orange. I dunno if theres a term or a name for it. it look ORANGE to me! hahaha.
imagine orange(again...those pastel kind okie) + any other pastel colour + white. combine. fuh! cantik dok actually. but the problem is.... I dunno if Amani ade ke tidak. But tat day dia kata... wen dey meet us next year... I need to think of 3 colours ready for them.
Anyway, I got some sort of a theme for my wedding. I want it to be a PASTEL wedding. LOL!! I really dunno how to put it. But I think, u will see a lot of pastel goin on. Provided if Amani haf pastels deco. Well, this is all planning. u see I can just chg the idea next year! hahahaha.
Entah la. Ti plan plan plan. den drg takde colour. mesti hampa. But nvm! as for now, ia mcm inspirasi je. Kalau ade... den ade... kalau takde den takde. Simple!
Below nie... examples je okie. Google and search. hahahahahahaha!

Oh yah! recently Peti Solek The Bridal Room uploaded their latest Dahlia Collection. And OH MY TUHAN! Its sooooo freaking pretty that I need to repost in my IG and LIKE di FB n IG drg. Oh my goodness. I really need to salute this 2 ladies. Really awesome collection. And we wont know by the time aku pilih baju.... lagi banyak choices. Gonna be spoilt for choices siul. I really can forsee this. Awesome uh! I really cant wait for more updates from them.
I bet the otha ladies who already booked dem as their mak andam will be so happy with the collection. And I also know that... Drg da fully booked for 2014 la okie. I thank God our wedding is in 2015. we wanted earlier but pasal drg takde slot for that particular date... kita chg... jus becoz Fiance knows I wanted them, somehow! hahahaha. sayang dia many many!!
Ok for those tak follow mereka di IG or FB.... Meh la saya tunjuk!

and last but not least! WE ALREADY BOOKED OUR ENTERTAINMENT! Alhamdulillah. Semua choice aku nak, tak dpt. becoz we found something better during our many2 hours tour at the recent expo. My aim again, was to find a dj/entertainment for the BIG DAY. Something awesome gonna happen during our BIG day.
let me represent u, MIS Entertainment .. Awesome uh drg.... I really felt blessed aft meeting with Abg Ilhami. Awesome fella. Very down to earth. REALLY BLESSED! Something happened. but, that its just between us and God. Really nothing special. But something to remember about during the meet up. =)
Well, we got the package. DJ + NO KARAOKE + MONTAGE + LIVE TELECAST! yes yes yes! hahahahaha. i really love the idea of LIVE TELECAST. So like, wen the guy side smpai side kita... yg sape2 tak dpt ikot... ley tgk tru the telecast. AWESOME KAN! My God. really looking forward to this.
Well as for the montage.... dia akan buat kan utk kita.. so dia nak kita ye gambar2 oldskool yg selenge bacin .. i really hate me last time. damn! hahahaha. and our journey together uh... part tu aaaaaaawwww... hahahahahahahahaha! den, he will drop by during our nikah day.... took video n add on the the montage! AWWWWEEESOMMMEEE LAGI!! Purpose? so sapa2 tak dpt dtg time nikah ley tgk tru montage. And he will haf his own homework... meet up with our frens secretly to mcm bagi dedication or speech or whatever they want basically... awesome laaaaa laaaaaagi!!! hahahaha. and we can have the CD for keepsake. mesti kekek siak gn budak2 kecoh nie semua... I jus cudnt imagine... hahahahahahaha!
and as for my side... NO KARAOKE. but I will need to think about what kind of playlist to play! BAIK UH! NO DANGDUT NO JIWA RETAK!! Best part is... NOBODY CAN SING AT MY WEDDING! Mcm siak. aku tau.. but cannot uh... I really dun like the idea of ppl singing at my wedding. kalau karaoke kat KBOX itu lain story k. I wan happy song. Hindi song. love songs. old skool love songs. that's wat i want. and I really got it! insya Allah kita akan ketemu lagi with them next year to discussed about the itinerary n such.
Happy i found them! Glad I booked them. Cudnt ask for more. =) Such a long entry. forgive me. I jus wanted to update u guys eventho byk tak baca... hahahahahaha.
Lets end it..... GOODNITE LOVERS! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Last Sunday, we wen for our appointment with HDB annnnnnd we gooooot the unit and blk that we wanted! SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH!
Ya Allah. Hanya Tuhan je tau bertapa gembira nya kami. Aft we sign every single page & paid... and out of the office officially..... we both mcm.... HAPPY GILER UH! hahaha. Mcm............ THIS IS IT! WE REALLY DOING THIS! WE HAF A HOUSE!! hahahahahahaha. Happy semacam la.... I bet the others yg da dpt rumah mesti rasa BER-SYUKUR sangat2 kan! I know tat feeling! haha...
At 1st, we both tak confident dapat.... so we both tk put high hopes.... we both listen to my family members ye advised to jus go for the appointment.... some more, its our 1st try... and qota for malays sooooooo bloody little uh... I really don understand why must haf qota. hahaha. and oh yah! our Q number?! 1114! Unit cume de lapan ratus lebih je....and number kita mcm last batch dok. that's why kita tak put high hopes sangat.... so we both telling each otha..."if tak dpt.. makna nya bukan rezeki kita... we can always wait for the next bto.... if ade yg kita berkenan, kita apply..." we kept our words smpai la hari appointment tu... lagi pon.... I heard, some couple try few time baru dpt kan... ade mcm nak give up.... ade masih try lagi.....
Tapi.... Nasib kita 2 baik sangat. rezeki kita dpt rumah on our 1st try..... I couldn't stop imagining having our own house! Hahaha.