Sunday, October 13, 2013

12 Oct 2013.

Yesterday.... another girlfriend of mine....... got engaged! hahahahaha! I love this kind of occasion. Happy moment for all of us and of coz laaaa.... its a special moment for our Miss Fickle .. coz its her 26th bday too.. so macam double occasion for her! hahahahaha..
And I dunno why all of us laughed so much yesterday... mebbe becoz kita da lama tak hang out ramai2... from rumah Zimah... to tong seng to Champs @ arab st... and irni kene bully je from the guys since the LAKSA incident at zimahs place... lol!! and the boys keep on nk buat insta video insta collage... omg... the 3 guys... peragai perempuan sak! mcm mintak kene bunuh kdg2.. lol! but hell yeah... we keep on laughing smpai perot sakit... hahahahaha... I cant wait for our next meet up! mebbe its time for short getaway to KL uh please! hahahahaha. Dekat2 je la.. paham2 la.... few of us nak kawin... tak ley uh naik kapal terbang! YET! LOL!!!!!
okie la... nothing much to update... anyway..... few pics of yesterdays....


(Fiance & me together with our gorgeous lady, Zimah.)
(Candid shot its a must! Some of them couldn't turn up. this is jus 3/4 of us!)

(Yang da kene book. hehe.)

(With my fav lads at Champs @ Arab st.)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jason Derulo - Marry Me

"A hundred and five is the number,
That comes to my head.
When I think of all the years I wanna be with you.
Wake up every morning with you in my bed.
That’s precisely what I plan to do."

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Papers and such.

Malam ni tertiba inspired pasal bilik décor. Wanted to have someone to do the room décor for just for few hours show... feels like a waste of $$. That's my POV. Diff BTB lain mindset. And at the same time... my room is pretty small. what do u expect?! New house = Smaller room. Cant do much... and it will cost another few hundreds for such service.
So I did some google-ing since I've got the time... I found something that can fit my budget! DIY la ok.. hahahhahahaha. I jus need many-many colourful paper. Glue. Cutter. Time and helpers. if I do haf my orang-orang kuat to help me out with this... I think it shouldn't be any problem. coz I know its kinda fun doing such things in groups.
Well well well, yang pandai semua akan tau apa aku nak buat. Yes yes yes! Paper Rosette Flower or I called its paper fan. Lol. I don't really care wat it called. But its soooooo pretty & easy to make if u r those rajin type. LOL!
Lets watch the vd below.. tapi leceh dia ni pakai board & etc... which I think we can managed w/o it. lol! practice k!

Basically I just wanted it to be on my wall. Yes. that's it. So at least if the photographer or videoman buat keje drg tu dapat la captured bilik aku. At least we will remember what I've done to the room. Not much... but all our(orang-orang kuat and mine) hard work u can see in pictures or video. U know wat I mean?! hahahaha. by den katil da queen size(King tak dpt uh! sempit sak!)... den atas frame katil ade décor... can u imagine? hahahahahaha.
yet again, I've got many-many months to go... this is jus some ideas that I could use for the room décor. I can just change my mind next year. we wont know.. so heres more DIY paper(one pic of lace) décor in diff colours and such for your room if u guys haf that mindset like mine. LOL!

But i'm so in love with this........ if only saya nie pakar dalam bidang2 art and crafts kan bagus!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Geram kan kan kan kan? Sape tak geram memang takde perasaan! Wen I saw someone shared about "ENCHANTED WEDDINGS" kat FB... I was asking myself...."ADE LAGI UH DIA NIE????" and next question will be "TAK KAN LA DORANG TAK TAU DIA NIE PUNYA SIAK??????" alahaaaai... sorry la if ade orang "bersaudara" dgn "ENCHANTED WEDDINGS" ... seriously..... TAK ENCHANTED LANGSUNG SEY KRG.
what do u get by cheating? suka sangat la tu dpt DOSA. Suka?! Bukan nya apa la... kesian orang tu... kalau murah takpe la k. But den again.....Wedding melayu mane ade yg murah dok?! Busuk2 tetap makan beribu2 siul. Orang tu da trust krg.. at least krg jgn jadi mcm tuuuuut tuuuuut tuuuuuuuuuuttt!!!!
geram geram geram.. I agree with kakak khronicles...GENG~ bukan susah sgt nak GOOGLE & SEARCH. skarang kan da modern. dulu kalau kita tak tau tu lain stori uh.... dulu takde la modern gini macam. YAHOO pon tak tau ade ke tak dulu! dulu bleh harapkan suratkhabar je.....
haiz. really pitied the couple.... Tapi, kita marah cam mane pon tak guna... da terjadi..... haix... Biar Tuhan je yang balas apa yg drg da buat kat semua bride and groom yg lepas-lepas.
Bakal BTBs & HTBs. Buat homework. Research. Jgn jadi pemalas. I mean... kalau malas pon... if u heard by mouth pon.. at least mesti tergerak hati nak GOOGLE kan? so try dun be pemalas. ade forum tu semua pegi baca... If da confident giler.... baru la krg "SIGN CONTRACT". jgn sembrg je letak depo...
Depo sikit takpe.... 1st depo da beribu.. Pesanan je....coz I also dun like see-ing or reading about all this shit to bakal pengantin kita... sedih sangat kalau betul happen kat kita.... that's why my mum keep saying dia takot jadi kat kita jgak... well, MOTHERS. but they haf the right to feel tat way... all we can do is pray eventho we took vendor yg established ye.... INSYA ALLAH!
da la..... haix... I dunno y I'm so sad and mcm angry pasal nie..... tak patut uh buat org gini... Cume Tuhan je tau la perasaan drg yg da kena......