Friday, November 29, 2013

Shine "Bride" like a Diamond.

As much as I wanted an expensive wedding band.. but I just cudnt do such thing to my fiancé. Eventho his pay is as high as mount Everest(ni part aku bedek uh. Tapi mmg besar la kan. ALHAMDULILLAH). Nanti orang cakap pakai duit laki pulak kan.
So! HIM being the smart one in this relantionship, he found out a website. Which i'm totally in love with. TRUST ME. Under Platinum Vermeil Silver link, rings below $500 you can get pretty pretty rings okie~ If u want $1K ring and above... go ahead under their 18K Gold link or Catier or BVLGARI or whichever stores yang WILD WILD WEST YE PRICING. lol! *wink wink*
Meet ORRO. I bet many knows about this brand! hahahaha. Aku over-excited siul tgk website dia. Seriously in love with many. Why its cheap or wonder where they are from or what they are made from? Please read it here. =)
And here are some of the collection that i'm truly in love with. And all selections are below $300. Yeah! And its wedding band! Its for you to keep not to gadai or whatever. Kalau gadai macam no value... cos its below $300! LOL!!! But seriously its pretty.....

(My personal favourite, ORRO Duo Band Ring)
(Another personal favourite, ORRO Tear-Drop Spectacular Ring)
(ORRO Marquise Sophistication Ring)
(ORRO Paved Setting Asscher Cut Ring)
(ORRO Sparkle All Round Ring)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

If I Ain't Got U

"Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you."
Alicia Keys Ft. Usher.
Perfect song for those who is looking for THE SONG. It may be an old song. But who cares. This duo with THE VOICE combine. It will never go wrong.
Sharing is caring people. *wink wink*

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cake vs Cupcakes vs Macaroon Tower.

Which one will u choose for your wedding?
Actually, if I choose cake... I just want a layer of cake.. with few cupcakes surrounding it. LOL. Bukan lokek nyah. Tak ade orang makan nanti kalau berlayer-layer of cakes. Nanti rasa mcm buang duit I je... Nampak kat fridge nanti mintak kene buang. LOL!!
And to me.... benda cake-cake nie mcm for show je. potong. den suap2. camera and videoman da dpt tangkap moment terus habis!!!!!! GET IT?!
Kalau cupcakes.... aku ley bagi budak2... drg suka bende2 gini.... at least nampak habis! tapi aku tak nak la byk giler nak mampos! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... and I asked a vendor... n its cost almost to $800 for hhhmmmmmm likeeee 70 pieces with a cake?! makdikaaaaaausssssss!! I almost cried wen I read the email... But seriously, lawa la dia nya... nak lawa.. mesti mahal kan?! tapi over uh tu price utk aku... haha! And SIL said dulu wedding drg..... dia abik the same vendor..... den she asked me if it taste nice.... she remembered I said "not nice. nothing wow." hahahahahahahahaha! this was like many2 years ago la.... mane tau now niceeeee. lol!!!
den yes.... here come the macaroon tower. tak payah potong. abik terus masok mulut... its small... and I love macaroons! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Byk sungguh vendor2 buat tower nie skarang..... smpai tak tau yang mane sedap. ade aku tgk..... tower dia super byk sgt décor dia... rimas..... den I wen to Kakak Khronicles kami punya directory( seriously! I suka everything about ur blog la kak!! ) ... under Dessert bar / Wedding cake... masok la 1 by 1..... sesungguhnya mcm pening tapi.... i'm in love with Ola Lola punya tower la.... emailed dem... and now waiting for their reply! hahahaha. hopefully aku tak terkejot la tgk price dia. kalau $800 jgak... aku pakai cake pandan je la kat primadeli! LOL! GILER!
Anyway, issit too early to recce for wedding cakes/cupcakes/macaroons tak? sebab! da takde pape major nk recce apa... so i'm super bored.... hahahah. actually been thinking about it for weeeeeks already. Been talking to the fiancé... standard... member semua nya agree. apa yg dia tak pernah agree pon aku tak tau... ckp pasal fiancé.... dia byk2 bende kawin... dia as for now... dia da confirm kan entertainment je okie. hahahahaha. lain semua dia ckp "nanti uh..." "last minit pon ley buat" sungguh typical mat melayu! dia ckp as long side aku lawa sudah... hahahaha... whatever la nyah! asal kan ade majlis okie! itu MESTI! Insya Allah.....


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Life & death

Few days ago,
One of my gf hubby just passed away.
8 yrs of frenship + 2 yrs of being engaged + 2 months of marriage.
That was 1 of the most shocking moment of my life wen I read her status in FB. Broke down coz we jus wen to their wedding on the 1st Sept 2013. Very unexpected. Eventho i'm not that close to her...But, I can feel her pain... I can feel her lost....
This truly breaks my heart, reading her sad status in FB. I hope she's gonna cope well. But yeah... we really do not know how it feels exactly. Easy for us to say and tell her to redha... but we just cant say such words to her... coz, we really truly duno whats she facing+feeling rite now...
Losing ur bestfriend just like that...I really cudnt imagine losing my otha half. I really cant stop thinking about it.....
Lets take a moment and sedekah kan AL-FATIHAH to Shila's late hubby, Mohd Sallehen.
May u rest in peace.

Friday, November 8, 2013

So far..

List of what i've booked (Insya Allah takde yg tukar la ye.)
  • Bridal - Peti Solek the Bridal Room
  • Deco - Amani Wedding
  • Catering - Amani Wedding
  • Photography - Clearlens Production
  • Videography - Clearlens Production
  • Henna - Syra Skins
  • Entertainment - MIS Entertainment & Event
Right! All the major ones done! hehehe. Happy with choices. Never regret having any of the vendors mentioned above. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Da tak payah pikir and pening kan kepala aku yg kecil nie.
Next year (Ya Allah! lagi sebulan lebih da nak masok 2014!!!!), akan aku hunt bende lain... Jom kita list down apa yg patut kita carik. hehehe.
  • Photobooth (Big possibility is AMN Snaptures. Am supporting a friend of mine here. =D )
  • Wedding Pre/Post photoshoot (Probably POST. But with who.. we decide later.)
  • Wedding Bouquet (50/50 coz PSTBR will be providing fresh bouquet.)
  • Wedding heels. (Cheap cheap good good can?)
  • Wedding cake (i just need 1 - 2 tier cute cake surrounded by cute cupcakes.)
  • Wedding favours (kalau boleh nak cheap-cheap good-good but look awesome? Ada tak?)
  • Wedding invitation cards (i got my eyes on AKad. Simple yet nice. Tak payah nak pegi JB kan.)
  • Gubahan (For him - Min 7 dulangs, Max 10 dulangs)
    • Baju
    • Shoes
    • Bag
    • PS4 (boys will forever be boys)
    • Baju Kurung + Songkok
    • Sejadah
    • Perfume
    • Towel
Anything else did i missed?! Mcm something missing somewhere la kan!!
The EXTRAS will be as below.
  • Kursus Rumah-tangga
  • Bridesmaids Kain Hunting
  • Family Kain Hunting
  • My very own Kain Hunting
Seriously dunno wat-else did i missed la kan. So ok la... for now... LOL!! Pape lagi... sila comment la kan... hehehehehe.. OK! i'm too bored at work! JUST BECOZ TODAY CLINIC IS TOTALLY BLOCK. NO PATIENT(there is... but not much la kan). Plus, I'm sick.. and coliqs told me to rest la.. so i tercampak one corner pikir pasal kawin-kawin punya alam.. berangan and such. LOL!
ok.. thats all for now....... BYE!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The #AnFwedding 2014.

Before I start....... I would like to say CONGRATS to my favourite blogger.... Kak Kahwin-Khronicles aka Farhana Malek & partner a very blissful marriage. Looking all gorgeous with Ishq punya baju! SO JELES. hahahaha. naaaah~ but lawa giler la u! I suka many many many!!!!
While shes having that special moment with family and frens.... I also have a very special moment with the girls. hahahaha! Kita, the bridesmaid of Miss Fitri, sebok carik kain la sey! So excited! Actually dulu dia ckp dia nak Lace kinda baju for us to carik and pakai... den smlm dia chg her mind. I dun mind actually... coz we also cant say no.. sebab its the bride ye request kan! but whatever coming out from her mind is always nice. yea yea!
Wen to Arab st.. get in to most of the shop... actually kan... tak semua frenly eh. geram je. drg tgk kita pendek, cute, kecik tak semesti nya krg ley treat kita like BUDAK KECIK. kinda disappointed with the customer service there. sorry la.. we were born that way.. but hello... WE ARE YOUNG WORKING ADULTS! HELLLOOOOO!!!!! At the end of the day... the last shop that we wen in... drg AWESOME! such frenly ppl. And very helpful in selection of colours for the bottom. See! THIS IS AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE.
So she chose RED(coz its forever her fav colour). Very Bold and Garang uh the colour. but yet again... aft looking at it 2 3 4 5 time... mcm lawa la sgt.. hahahahaha. pretty happy with our choice. Even the bottom lawa giler. I seriously do not know apa kain tu. coz its lembot and sejok.. and its not chiffon? hahahaha. apa2 la nyah.. aku tau tak panas suah. ITU IMPORTANT!
(Red with the Blue or Mustard yellow? stay tuuuuuneeeee)
And Nunu gave us another awesome idea for our make up. since its bold red... lets have lesser make up with a BOLD RED LIPSTICK. oh! i'm in love! the pin-up look girl. aku suka giler. the lesser the make up is.. the better. but lipstick kene POP ok! suka uh! aku suka giler... well... again.... BRIDESMAID kan pon tumpang glamouuuur! biasa la kan... krg mesti paham maksud aku. hahahahahahahaha!!!
Anyway, after da penat kene "turnoff" gan makcik2and kakak2 jual kain nie.... kita pegi la café baru di Arab st. its soooooo freaking cute uh! and i'm in love. the ambience and customer service tip-top! La Maralle Café - cute interior. good drinks and definitely nice cakes. I even told dem.... its much more better den the Starbucks(ooooops! but I still love u starbucks!!!) cheesecakes. lol! its soooo soft. and light.. sedap uh nyah. pegi try....
and I had ice green tea latte. and it taste like the one we had in BKK .... sedap!!!!! I really cannot describe it uh! adddddduuuuuiii~ surely I will make a return there.... I heard theres few more new cafes there... will definitely check it out again with the girls. Hehe.