Wednesday, December 3, 2014



And I'm so done with all the booking for the wedding. ITS OFFICIAL PEOPLE. I'm getting married in like less then 3 months! OH MY GAWD! Can u believe it?! Its gonna be over. And I'm gonna have my own HAPPILY EVER AFTER, Insya Allah! AMIN AMIN AMIN!

Well, recently, I found out about Engraved Memories via instagram. And I fell in love. And start enquiry them about wedding cards! I tink its fine with that kind of price. Please email dem for the quotation k! Hehe. But, with that price and services like that, its just awesome. At 1st, I tot I wanna get another vendor. But theres no response at all. I SHALL NOT MENTION WHO. COZ I ALSO DUN WAN TO DISTURB THEIR "PERIUK NASI".  So, let it be a mistery. Mebbe its jus not my luck to haf dem la. POSITIVE MINDSET K! Plus, da suntuk, and mother da start membebel la "kau biler ni nak buat kad? lambat2 nanti takde org dtg." please Ma~ chill~~~ So, I might as well just skip it and just find another vendor. I was happy that actually I found them right after booking of the Multi purpose hall at Town council.

Their cards are just as awesome as the other vendors mcm From Fran With Love or The Card Maison. But my budget lari la kalau I abik drg. But their cards very LAWA GILER NAK MAMPOS. Go check dem out.

But Engraved Memories pon lawa. Trust me. Come I show u some samples eh...

See, nice or what?! Hehe. I da pilih da. I ye yg simple2 je. Very me. The feminine side of me. Hahaha! Stay tune. I already received the draft from them. Its so nice. To me la. to u alls I tak tau la. Al-maklom la, saya ye taste ni suka simple2 je.
Well, its up to individual la. Nak yg mahal ke nk yg murah ke. Yg ni very acceptable to me. In the budget nicely. And kalau krg nak murah giler. Den sila la travel ke JB Angsana or Larkin JB. But susah ye kene travel. Which is susah for people like me, takde kenderaan. So, lets just go LOCAL. Bual2 via email or FB or even WA da boleh! hahaha. SIAP! Tak payah pikir2 panjang biler aku nk pi JB and such. THANK GOD I FOUND U ENGRAVED MEMORIES!
Excellent service. I SUPER LIKE. Eh not LIKE. But LOVE!! And recommended okie. Recommended by me la of coz! Hehehe. And dorang bukan buat wedding cards je k. Theres Hangtag & stickers, posters & signage too!
Again, please do check them out okie. =)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

#deeyanitravel - Honeymoon

Hey hey hey!
Multi-purpose hall booked and paid! But the downside, West coast punya town council strict giler. manyampah k! Not the one who attended to me. But the whole systems kinda sucks. so yeah. I gonna get back to amani abt my disappointment regarding the booking.
WATEVER. SETTLE ALREADY! Hahaha! And I already settle fandi brg2 kawin. member happy with the choices. TAK PA LA KAN! Asal kan nmp dia pakai suah! Betul tak betul?
Anywhooooooo~ We have(sorta) decided with the honeymoon part! get me all excited! 1st choice, I wanted to go to Bali. Just chilling by the beach. Makan and etc. 2nd, he wanted to go London! BUT! No bola season. So, I told him mebbe end of 2015 or 2016 we jejak London la hor. Since dia nk tgk bola. Arsenal match~ And I never haf tat intention to go London anyway. Never been in my list before la hor. 3rd, I wanted to go Korea! But he don't want. he said, and I quote "Orang pegi Korea utk KPOP je." eh dia nie kental sey!!! theres more to it sia. Kpop la sgt! so much things to see there! OH MY~ Nvm~ ONE DAY ONE DAY! DEFINITELY JEJAK SANA! Insya Allah!
And den, theres Japan! WOOOOT WOOOOOOOOT! Jepun neh. ARIGATO! MOSHI MOSHI! KAWAII!!!~ Out of nowhere we decided on Japan. No high hopes tho. Coz lom book tix. I mean. we re going to book tix next week. Hoping and wishing price will drop? LOL! Wait long long! But its like CONFIRM going already coz we have been doing our research and such. I simply cant wait to see Japan! So much things to see. The culture. The seasons. The people. The food. The cafes.
I even talked to one of my patient parents regarding Japan. Coz, they are from Japan. and this is wat they have to say "Just be ready for CULTURAL shock." and she laughed about it! She recommended us to go Harajuku. Hahaha. CONFIRM I WILL HAF A SHOCK OF MY LIFE THERE PEOPLE. BE HOLD~~~
But, whatever it is, if we are going Japan, we are going Naeba and den Tokyo. He wanted to go Hokkaido. But he said, its waaaaay to far to go Tokyo from there. Time wasted. So, yeah. I just listen. Coz, I'm not planning much! LOL! its my bday week people! let the husband do all the planning! coz anyway, he's better with holiday planning den me!
Well, kinda look forward to snow in Naeba and beautiful city of TOKYO! And he also mentioned, if tak jadi Japan. We go Maldives! Everybody going Maldives tho. So, I told him, no way we are going Maldives if we already decided on Japan! hahahahahaha! boring la Maldives. I mean, really, its awesome island and all. But, I rather be in snow for once and cold weather! Bila lagi nak main snow?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! REAL SNOW EH. Bukan snow mcm SNOW CITY EH! korang stop it eeeeeeh!
K cepat sikit next week! so we can settle the tix! HAHAHAHA. Yes I am very excited! Holiday with husband for the 1st time k! OK! We've gone for holidays together(with frens of coz!) before. But this is official. ALONE TIME WITH HUSBDAND DI NEGERI ORANG! hehehe.
And I haf to agree with Hafizah Yazed, saw her status in FB, I love it!! Come I copy paste for u which part I love most about her status;- "No doubt, most people love to go to Paris, where people call it the City of Love. But I heard so much of bad experiences from my friends who went there before. LOL! So, it would be great if we can educate the public on Korea & Japan instead. There are so much more than meets the eye." I LOOOOIKEEEE!
I posted tis few days back! Now, its less den 100 days to JP!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

1 tier please.

In 7 days time, my very own QUEEN SIZE BED will be here! OH MY GAWD! Time ticking too damn fast! But at the same time, I wana get things done and over with!
And I've got lots and lots and lots of weddings for November and December! Insya Allah akan ku hadir kesemua yg telah sudi menjempot kami! Hehe. Its all about the nasi minyak all weekend long eh! Hahaha!
Speaking of weddings! I've already booked my wedding cake with Farah Affandi! ALHAMDULILLAH! According to her IG, its not open for 2015. But I guess, she remembered me, becoz she told me to email/msg her on Nov.... so me, thick skin, email dia la! Hahaha. But I did told her, if belom open, I still can wait. But she doesn't reject me at all. AWWWWWWWW!!
So, happy that she answered all my stupid enquiry. hahahahaha! So, I've decided JUST 1 TIER CAKE - 8 inch cake! Yeah me! sticking to my simple "malas nak ade cake sebesar dunia" peragai! But, please don't judge hor. Her 1 tier cake looks like a million bucks k! I've got taste too! Nak 1 tier cake biar la cantik2 kan. Tak kan aku nak belik kat Swee Heng punya kedai cake kan!! Agak-agak la wei~~~ Hahahaha!
SERIOUSLY HAPPY! Macam dream come true or wat sia?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Latest cake as of today, 15 Nov 2014 as below.


Well, I'm gonna perah my kepala on the colour and such for both wedding cake and wedding invites @ 1 go okie! YOU CAN DO IT YANI! LETS GO!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Fierce tak the title? Haha. Jgn salah paham nya. Ini bukan gaduh or whatever. Its just a title eh! Korang sikit2 assume eh. buang please tabiat itu. PLEASE EH! LAST WARNING.
Let start with Kahwin Kawin Bridal. OMG. Pre-wedding shoot with Ira and her hubby was AWESOME TAHAP MAXIMA. Her make up. FLAWLESS HABIS! Siapa2 da pilih KKB, jgn risau. Dia awesome la. Her magic touch betul ye MAGICAL! And she is so chatty in a good way. Telling about her past. It was amazing la. she's in my age. and at this age, dia da success with her bridal and photography. really inspiring okie. Y can I be like her?! hehe. Rezeki and her hardwork paid off. u work hard and u will achieved it~ Macam aku. Chill by the beach je. HEHE.
Well, it was raining wen I was at their place on the day of the shoot. I was praying so hard it will stop. and it finally did stopped. ALHAMDULILLAH. It wen well. I feel mcm superstar. People around stopped and watched. Some even took our photo with their hp. So shy. REALLY SHY K! But I cant be shy. Coz while they are taking our pictures.... Ira and her hubby also taking our photo and busy asking us to pose and such. "wiggle-wiggle." "buat muka step." "K krg laugh" "Look down and smile.". Tats jus how they roll with their bride and groom. Hehe. I really love the dress that I've picked. Fiance also really love the baju he took. I really cant wait to see the final product. I HOPE I REALLY LOOK GOOD! Seriously. Takot je muka mcm budak bacin. Hehe.
Anyway this is how I look right after she's done dolling me up!
Whoever followed their FB or IG mesti ade nampak muka I yg bacin tapi flawless nie! SUKA SGT I! She really go for brown, bronzy all natural look for me! And just letting go of the hair and curl it up. Jus the way I wanted. And I never even tell her how exactly I wanna look like. But see! I tink she totally gets me by not asking! hahaha! EH?! And look at that brows. But my fiancé, end of the day ckp "mcm minah rep je." BOYS WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE TRUE MEANING OF NICE KENING LIKE TIS! *ROLL EYES BIG TIME!*
And we really cant wait to see the final pictures! Sabar menanti nya! =)
Next, Peti Solek the Bridal Room!
The moment that I've been waiting for! Right aft ROMM(Alhamdulillah. All wen well.) today, we wen for our fitting at their new place @ Bukit Batok. So near my place! So nice their studio. So classy and super comfy! BUT THE PART I REALLY IMPRESSED WAS THEIR DAHLIA AND ROYAL DAHLIA COLLECTION. oh my. Thank God, both my mum and future mother-in-law followed us. Without them, I think I will have a hard time.

We didn't go for the Royal Dahlia la. Just becoz to us, the Dahlia collection also pretty. NOT KIDDING. Of coz their royal dahlia awesome! but still, Dahlia collection really look so sweet on me. Yaya and Yana was so nice letting me try their latest designer collection. OMG! Itu tak ley angkat sia. SUPER GORGEOUS. it look so good on me. maybe the colour and my skin colour blend well. Even Yaya was like "omg, so gorgeous u pakai nie!" I would haf take tat actually! TETAPI! Everything was fine~ Till perot~ Damn. Bontot semua da jambu k. PEROT UH~ Seriously YANI! they cant alter tat baju. Coz it was meant to be very exclusive. Orang2 tertentu je boleh pakai. hehe. Korang! MAINTAIN K PEROT. That baju kalau betul perot kempis and tall(kau bual2 mcm kau tinggi mcm model eh yani!) like my height, it will look super gorgeous nak mampos la on u! SO PLEASE MAINTAIN! So krg ley pakai baju exclusive drg. Oh kene top up if u wanna wear their exclusive baju. Itu u haf to ask them if u wanna know the price. hehe. I dare not say it here. hehe. But still lawa laaaa... U ladies will go "AWWWWWW LAWA GILER KEPE NIE!!!" just like me. lol!!
If only I can load it up here. I would. but kalau gitu, da tak best. Biar krg tgk sendiri dekat studio drg. U gonna love all their collection. PROMISED! Even both mothers was surprised wen I start wearing the selected baju I try tadi. Semua lawa2. smpai Mak aku yg pening. And of all baju I pilih. I SUKA BAJU NIKAH. Its soooo sweet! Fiance favourite will be the sanding punya. And tat pair dia yang pilih. Bagi dia chance sebab takot dia ckp semua aku decide. Tak fair kan. so YES, I let him choose the songket. And I love his taste.
So, that's how I love both MUA yg I da selected for my pre-wedding photoshoot and also MUA for my 2 actual days next year. PUAS HATI DOT COM DOT SG UOLLS!!! For those yang masih RECCE2... Please check tis 2 vendor. They are just awesome la. Hehe. But, no obligation~ Krg kawin. krg la pilih. saya nie, MEMANG suka giler gn 2 bridal nie! Totally on my top list~ And I haf the chance to have them for everything in my mind. ALHAMDULILLAH!
Till next update! SORRY PANJANG LEBAR HARINI. bye!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

2 more weeks

Finally its OCTOBER!
Recently, we dropby KKB to select baju for the photoshoot! Heh~ as expected. I was.... WAS FICKLE MINDED! Haha~ Sampai dia suruh pilih top 5 den cut down to top 3 den 2 den TO THE FINAL ONE. The most difficult decision I made so far! Ini belom lagi dgn PSTBR fitting tau! At 1st I wanted to choose the pompom den he suggested that if I pick pompom I will have a hard time and its difficult to do poses! And he said I cud only stand and do same poses with pompom. BUT he said its my decision laaaaa.. so nice of ira's hubby to tell us what is possible or not. I didn't catch his name. so next final fitting will ask what is his name. we only know him as Ira's hubby. LOL!!
So, I have my favourites tru their IG and my top few baju dia kluar kan la.. DAMN GORGEOUS SIA! macam nak pakai semua... But I ended up something that is ME! Simple yet elegant and its Ira's favourite dress too. It was design to be simple and flowy and its so BOHEMIAN! Sape ikot KKB dekat IG u shud know which one I'm talking about. Who doesn't know, please stay tune for 1 or 2 sneak peek like end of the yr? Mebbe? HAHAHAHAHAHA!
And fiancé picked something he liked too. He really liked tat baju coz he was a "skinhead" once upon a time. and that baju he picked haf that kinda feel to it. And he was very inspired with some designer model that make him haf the idea on how to pose and all. ALL THANKS TO GOOGLE IMAGE AND PINTEREST. kwang kwang kwang!
Not only him, I have mad love for pinterest this few days too. hehe. peragai mentel sia. I think I wanna let go of my hair so I can haf tat flower head band thingy. hahaha. seriously in pictures looks good. scared if I'm the one who wear it will look awful. how uh?! nvm! they will make me look good! Props and such a ready too. SO EXCITED!!

Anyway, 2 more weeks to photoshoot! 3 more weeks to pstbr fiiting! yeah!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Marriage course + Henna

How was the marriage course - Art of Marriage?
Awesome lectures. Awesome topics. Awesome class. Awesome food(MESTI!). AWESOME OF ALL AWESOMENESS(k part nie merepek! haha!)
At 1st, I was so nervous. Seriously, I don't really like meeting new people & I hate presentation. I will get soooooo freaking nervous. Anyway, ALHAMDULILLAH! It was nice seeing otha couple. What we all haf in common? SEMUA NAK KAHWIN! Hahahaha. All preparing whats the "up down left right" moment after a wedding.
I learnt a lot within 2 days. I really love the topics. 5 language of love - my favourite topic of all topics. hehe. Okie, yg tis organization, the ladies tak perlu berdakwa. Pakai apa yg selesa. So doesn't mean tak berdakwa and bukan kat dlm masjid, drg tak touch on ugama. Alhamdulillah. Abg Azhar & Puan Hamidah, sambil mengajar, sambil itu la drg bukak topic ugama. and of coz! they touch on financial problem, how to cool down during argument, sex and more. pretty awkward on the 1st day uh. hahaha. And definitely, 2nd day much more fun maybe becoz kita semua da in the "friend-zone". hahaha.
Best uh. I mean, I didn't expect that I told my fiancé "2 hari tak cukup sey ni." Boys vs Girls argued. Argued in a nice way. Never ending laughters. Never ending nonsense. Never ending stories on real life situation(REAL LIFE MARRIED COUPLE).. speaking of "didn't expect", end of 2nd day, Puan Hamidah, told us to face each other. While she was talking and speaking and berdoa and telling us to forgive each otha, I just cudnt hold my tears..... best part was...... my fiancé pon nangis la kwn2..... he saw me crying... dia pon join.... mebbe we both know, kita both byk berdosa and to many ups and downs between this 4 yrs together... and we are finally settling down... daaaaaamn~ the feeling was so real. I will never forget he cried... coz I never seen him cried! rupa2 nya, dalam hati dia ade taman la kwn2. hahahahahaha.
Well kawan2.... sapa yg berhajat tak nk pergi class ni. I have to say.... PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND. it doesn't matter which organization u want to attend... most are the same.... touch on the same subject and the only diff is places la kan. It definitely help u and partner in a way. what to expect as a married couple. it will help u to be prepared in ur marriage. mcm org putih selalu ckp "for better or for worst." worth our $300. worth our weekend. worth listening. And we managed to take pictures with the gurus!

Honoured to be in their class.
Thank you so much Abg Azhar & Puan Hamidah.
Next, on that very Monday morning, I dapat email from Syraskins!
Lincah or waaaaaaaat? Tetiba da dpt confirmation. Haha. Unfortunately, I have to make changes with them. Nasib dorang understanding! Yes, u read it right. Now, dorang da ade studio. So, the bride need to be there to get the henna done. By saying all this, I just cant wait to have the henna done!! I sort of know wat design I want! $180 babe! jgn blg aku krg pilih yg sikit2 ye design. LOL! I want it to be full. eventho mak I tak suka n ckp "da mcm india je penuh2." tapi I suka. I bayar apa! lol!!! and its like once in a lifetime dpt buat henna penuh2 for that price! Please agree on tis people. that price with little design - NO NO. that price with full design - HELL YEAH! Mcm example below ye!

And kaki, tak penuh takpe. sebab orang tak Nampak! Penting, kat tangan tu uh~ LOL!!!! Tapi I want something like below.

Like macam ada rantai kaki kan!? So pretty!
Seriously I cant wait to get it done. Insya Allah. JUST BECOZ I LOVE HENNA! Sape kenal aku tu akan tau! I JUST LOVE THE SMELL! And I jus love how neat Syraskins design it~ agree?! haha. tak agree sudah. I tetap suka! heh~
yes! counting down, 163 days to go..................

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Something exciting coming this October!

OH HELL YEAH!!! FITTING / SELECTION OF BAJU WITH KAKAK-KAKAK ANDAM FROM PETI SOLEK THE BRIDAL ROOM! Actually theres more to it in the email. I cut down to wat is important la kan! hahahaha.
This is really really really happening! I tot I'm gonna meet them like December or something. Hahahaaha! But HELL YEAH! I'm so glad that this is really really happening. Ya Allah, kau permudahkan lah urusan kami Ya ALLAH!
Gonna bring my mum along. I wan her to feel involved about tis whole wedding thingy. And also I want her to agree on what I'm gonna select. Eventho drg takde baju seksi2. But at least let her feel involved la.... doesn't mean she paid for the catering doesn't mean she no need to be involved with otha things... am I rite??!
This is happening 1 week after my photoshoot with KKB. Insya Allah. Still waiting for KKB email for our confirmation date for the shoot. But the last time we talked she said should not be any problem. Just need to wait for her email for our fitting / selecting too! Oh damn!! THIS IS TOO EXCITING FOR ME! The experience that u can only feel only ONCE in your lifetime! U know wat I mean?!
So yeah to my October schedule! Insya Allah! Amin! ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2014


1st of all, lets congratulate my very own childhood girlfriend, Faeza, for her engagement today! Finally da tunang orang la sey! Her wedding will be next year too! But 4 months after mine... hehe.. So nice her make up and all. sukkkkaaaaaa~~~!

Congrats dear!
And den, jus today, afternoon, both fiancé & me received an email from Art of Marriage. Igtkan nk confirmation of the dates for the course. Sekali dapat lain daaaa~ hahaha. Was told to chged the dates instead.

Actually, its a blessing in disguised. I forgotten that on the 11th KKH will be having D&D until my manager confirmed my name is on the list for the table. panic mode at work. den I told myself, aft course tukar baju den enjoy the good food. Tapi beg berat la of coz. Nk bawa kasot and such! Den email came in today.... nasib suruh tukar date. Hahaha. So we are planning to go this September. Kinda looking forward to it! YEAH!
Another happier note, PSTBR came in with new dahlia today. and OH MY TUHAN! Its sooooo damn beautiful la! So lucky the bride can wear it 1st! tak, saya tak cemburu k. its soooo freaking nice la! but its not pastel colour. its dark look like royalty la sey! I super in love! becoz its in my favourite colour, PURPLE! Sumpah I MUST have purple for my wedding! At least uh dalam 3 satu tu kene colour purple. hehe. Already in love with this new one of coz! the details its WOW! STUNNING!! Tak percaya?! TGK BAWA PLEASE!
SEE! NO JOKE EH DIA YE COLLECTION. Tiap2 minggu I will feel amazed by this 2 kakak-kakak andam. Seriously, up till now, I THANK GOD that I've booked dem for my wedding. Even the fiancé follow dem okie in IG. Nak tgk what the guys wearing. Hahaha. And he, himself, very impressed!
We cant wait for our appointment! Which I dunno wen. Haha. I tink Dec la hor. 3 months before the event mah~ hahahaha. whatever the date is.... we are just looking forward to select the baju la! another YEAY for me!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This few days, I've been having this discussion with my mother. OKOK. I nie tak pakai CC or Lagun Sari or country club. I go oldschool(sort off) okieeee~ hehe~

At 1st mmg la nk pakai MPH Casa Clementi nie.... tapi, I really reaaaallllyyyy think its super small and not worth the $$ to pakai tat crampy place. We even wanted to get tentage for the MPH tat will make the MPH look bigger. Which will cost a lot actually. I already enquire Adila from Amani.... theres 2 range.... yg murah ye takde mcm rende kat atas... den the mahal abit is those type yg ber-decorate... makna nya yg lawa la of coz... nmp presentable tat sort.......
I dun think its a need rite?? for tentage and small mph??? even gf of mine ever told me tat her very own fren tentage cost her $2k?! Mahal ke peeee. I actually very torn la. but wat the heck. Even the fiancé don really like where the mph located. He's thinking about the BIG BUS coming in from tat tiny narrow road in.... if u ever come here.... I bet u know wat I mean. I already heard a lot of ppl complaining its hard to find the mph. Coz its like ter-perap tgh2 dunia in between 2 tall building. Casa Clementi mmg la menang lawa.... tapi alangkah sayangnya, its small, crampy and buat org sesat. hurhur
Den recently, we walk ard the old blk infront of my new blk..... yes! bawah blk..... tak ke oldskool tu koraaaangz~~~ its just 2 min(minus walking with high heels la. heh~) walking distance from my blk and tat blk.... its not tat spacious.... but I've seen weddings held at that blk... and I don't see any problem with that particular blk.. what I like abt it, its sooooo near the bus stop.... so ppl wont get lost.... trust me, once u turun itu bus stop confirm2 uh krg akan dengar lagu2 yg akan di main kan oleh MIS Entertainment kan! Loud and clear! Tak payah nk pikir "eh? mane ni yani ye tempat?!" "eh, jauh sak dia nie buat dia ye majlis!!" and "balik uh~ sesat sak!" hahahahaha. n sapa2 nk singgah masjid nak solat di masjid pon da dekat k..... bual2 mcm takde tempat solat pulak nanti... hahahahaha! but, ade org kan prefer ber-solat dia masjid kalau da kat luar tu.... betul taaaaak? and i heard its cheaper den MPH. sound very the mcm lokek eh nak abik MPH n tentage....
Bukan nya apa.... abg I pon nk share actually nk I buat kat MPH... n he wanna fork out money with my 2nd bro for all that.... but I rejected la... coz dey demself ade family.. told him kalau nak share2, bende2 lain boleh... guestbook or entertainment ke or any other thing ke.. I tak nk la pakai tat money for tat just few days aft tat tak nmp mane duit tu pergi.... betul? plusssss, tat amount, u can do with otha stuff. Mcm belik brg dulang ke..... brg2 yg extra yg perlu utk kawin ke... or better still, u can use tat amt of money to spend during honeymoon! U FEEL ME?!
Budget pon lari sey kalau betul aku nk tentage and mph yg kecik giler nie... Kalau MPH besar with tat $$ puas hati la... ini tak seberapa jeeeeee~ semakin kecik pulak mph2 kat Singapore nie eh.... rumah kecik, mph pon kecik..... *roll eyes!!*
but hey, any time I can change my mind again. hahaha. But 80% confirm I'm going to use blk 411. Impt is to for guest to find the venue... mcm la semua dtg kan... hahaha. takpe la.... insya Allah byk org yg hadir la nya..

Friday, August 15, 2014


Review aft 7th days of Skinny Mint.
Okie I haf to admit... their models already skinny.... and I don't tink so la drg minum air ni kan... hahaha. yg dpt sponsored pon drg sponsor yg kurus2.... takde makna nya la kan. lol!!!
But, skinny mint does wonders to me. I used to be super bloated and mcm "pooping" once a day. Tetiba.... aft minum tea ni...... berkesan uolls!! tapi takde la se-flat mcm models tu kan. itu semua bedek la nyah~ tak percaya aku. hahahaha.... but tummy now, maintain uolls! kempis la jgak kan.... ade jgak still fatty2.. but wat do u expect.... baru hari ke 7. mcm real la yg 3rd day da flat. lol!
well, I still eats normally. sorta..... now, portion ye kurang sikit.... and sometimes I just had bread or apa2 la... kdg2 tu takde selera la.... sebab the morning boost tu kurang kan appetite... tapi tetap makan uh. giler tak makan?! pengsan la I kat keje... anyway, my coliqs noticed the diff before and after.. and they told me to continue... but they always worried.... keep on saying "what if u in the bus want to TAPIAN?! Den how uh?????" hahahaha. bukan drg je tau... mak aku pooooon la! Kadang2 tu terpikir jgak la wat if it happens... terpaksa uh turun mana2 carik toilet.... AS LONG BUKAN DEKAT LUAR MRT STATION MCM RECENT CASE KAT HOLLAN V TU. Itu org mintak kene maki... itu pon "garmen" tak ckp or comment pape eh?! apaaaa nk jadi nie!
Anyhoooooo.... my bowel better now.... pegi toilet ade uh 3 ke 4 kali sehari.... and I tell u.... it sounds disgusting.... but its in big portion if u get wat I mean... pretty much happy abt it! lol!! Alhamdulillah la... bayar mahal2 den nmp dia ye effect...
But, I think tak semua body boleh take it. Sebab, my nurse took... she said she kena major headache at work... for 3 days wen she consume... den aft she stop it.... the headaches also gone. and another coliq of mine.... took it.... but takde diff langsung.... so it all depends on individual body.
So, now, I've got 3 more weeks to go....... I think I will continue...... since its ok with me... no problem at all.... till the big day.. of coz uh aku tak minum 2 days before nk kawin... giler?! da jambu2... tetiba nak pi toilet apa hal?! hahahahahaha....
I have my before and after picture... tapi I tak akan post la... tak manis nak show off ur tummy kat sini... biar la kenangan kat dlm hp.. hehehehe.... okie... sesiapa nk try... no harm k..... kalau tak works jgn salah kan org pulak k! hahahahaha...

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Read the title. Kalau pandai, korang tau la apa topic hari nie. LOL! YES! Skinny Mint! Its like the IN THING now.
I used to be skinny. Yes, I was underweight wen I was younger. 40kg. CAN U BELIEVE IT! kudut sey. I hate myself. Da kurus buruk pulak tu. LOL! But, as I get older.... my metabolism pon tukar. 40kg shoot up to 49.6kg now. Almost 50kg?! Thanks to not being cerewet now, always ate double portion and not forgetting the good food that fiancé always belanja..... abik kau! Aku naik badan, dia pon naik badan! But my only problem is my big fat arm and huge tummy. Orang tak tau... drg igt aku mengandung at least 3 bulan uh. Tak bedek. Sebab tu skarang I avoid wearing baju ketat...... kene baju longgar2.. da tk boleh pakai fitting. SUMPAH BURUK.
Den orang2 semua da tegur aku badan naik...."happy sgt ke skarang?" "eh, kene maintain tau nak kawin.. nanti tak ley pakai baju pengantin nanti susah." "macam mane kau ley naik badan?" ... skarang all I hear is all tis kind of comments and questions. dulu, "apasal kurus sgt...? kurus2 tak lawa..." "tak makan eh?"... Kurus salah. Naik salah. Ini la manusiaaaaa kan kan kan? So ya, so I just layan je now... org tanya apasal naik.... senang skarang aku answer balik "oh cik! saya ni happy skarang!!" hahahahahahaha. well, partly is true la! happy eversince da bertunang.... ALHAMDULILLAH....
At 1st I wanna try Teh Orang Kampung. So I asked ard, theres 2 type. satu original flavour and theres another 1 with lemon. My coliq ever tried... she said she always go toilet after she drank the tea. Den terus dia tak minum lagi... coz slalu sgt pegi toilet and tak ley concentrate keje... But another said its good... coz she lost wgt and get her ideal wgt that she wanted. Dia pon size ard the same as me..... its just tat last time dia chubbier la... now she's like perfect..... da lepas bersalin pon tetap maintain... baik eh!?
SIL also told me to eat some supplement for mcm maintain kan badan etc2.. den I saw tis SKINNY MINT in FB..... For a couple of months already... I didn't get it becoz takot tak works... den my Chinese coliq bought it recently... she said its good... but the taste for nite cleanse abit funny... and she does goes to the toilet. but not as often... and its not the diarrhea type....  it took me sometime still to get it actually..... den I heard.... my staff nurse belik.... den I asked her haf she tried.... she said she haven't try it becoz dia nak family planning. meaning dia trying to haf 2nd child... so its not advisable to drink it... den aku... being aku.... dengan slumber nya...... Tanya "eh! since u are planning.... Y not u sell it to me!!!!!??" gan muka2 excited aku.. LOL!! And she totally agree rather going to waste and just put it as a display in her kitchen... hehehe... and I paid lesser... coz she bought the Bestie Value Detox pack...its a 28 days teatox. she bought it with another coliq of mine.... she just started and she said her appetite kurang...
And I just started last nite!!! the nite tea kene minum alternate nites... and morning kene minum everyday as long before pukul 5pm.. I really dunno y before 5... but I just listen la kan! hahaha. it took my body longer den expected.... I drank at 1030 pm last nite.... but I wen to the toilet at almost 12 noon today.... but dia pon ckp,... different body different timing.... so I'm those yg lambat type la... and I poo-ed a lot! never in my whole 27 yrs I poo-ed like tat.... and I today I already wen twice with tat amt,... it does cleanse ur bowel I guess... and its a good thing.... its good for those who haf constipated problem also.....
the taste? nite cleanse wasn't tat nice.... but I don't really mind it..... u can add honey and lemon if u cant take the taste.... I rather go for the original flavour.... and the morning mcm fruity2.... mild ye type.... but it was nice... some of dem add some strawberry and lemon into it.... its up to u la.... and again... I rather go for original favour... I dun wan to ruin the flavour from the bag itself.. haha!
Hopefully, by the 28th day.... my tummy flatter abit.... minum.... but u need to exercise also k... and eat clean too... but I haven't exercise la... lazy... I know.... jadi ke tak jadi kita tgk la end of 28th day.... if its good. I will continue buying.... if not.... den ikhtiar bende lain la nya....
u want more reviews & how to order? sila la kelaman web mereka...


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1 Syawal 1435.

ALHAMDULILLAH! 1 Syawal 1435(28th July 2014) mark another 7 more months to the big day. And last yr to be single during raya! But I'm here not to talk abt the big day... only(masih uh nak selit pasal benda kawin!) that we already booked the marriage course under Art of Marriage for this upcoming Oct slot. I heard a lot of good reviews abt them... and actually, 2 of dem is my 2nd sister-in-law old friends.... she said they should be good. plus, I no need to wear tudung... Bukan nya apa... I'm just not comfortable in wearing it for 2 days... eventho, I know, I have this calling of wearing tudung lately.... we will see how.... I really wanted too. but I know I'm not ready... I don't want to be those girls yg macam "2 minit" semangat... or follow trend kind... nak berhijrah biar betul2...betul tak? okie. enuff! lets go to HARI RAYA!
Standard... yearly, rumah pertama pegi rumah nenek kan? But, nenek I lain.... every yr... she will be at different places... like 2 yrs ago was my place... den last yr was my aunt place... this yr will be my uncle turn.... And ya la... only satu rumah je pegi... Saturday nie baru la kita betul jalan raya as a keluarga.... looking forward! Sebab nak pakai kaftan baru dari Kebaya Queen! Me just love kaftan. senang pakai... bottom can go with anything... as for me... I'm gonna wear Mermaid skirt from Soda Gembira(which I already wore yesterday! heh!) ... Semua online this yr.... oleh kerana malas nk pegi menjelajah ke Geylang.
Guess my raya mood this year abit down... mebbe due to wedding.... feeling excited more to the wedding prep instead of raya....but glad to meet the little one... giving away duit raya to dem... and yes, my uncle forced the little niece nephews and cousin to play the bunga api di siang hari...... seriously?! lol!! Another news! my cousin is pregnant... 5 months already.... another additional to the family soon huh! yeay!
And I very jelak with makanan raya already.... kuih raya sentuh 4 ke 5 biji je okieeee~ lol!!! takde mood langsung la okie! tak buat langsung kuih raya this yr.. another reason y I didn't bake... becoz the oven decided to died on me.... dia kepala angin tau. sejap ok.. sejap tak okie. KRG JGN BELIK DIGITAL CONVECTIONAL OVEN. SUMPAH TAK BAGUS! Buaaaang duit big time! So mostly belik kuih kat pasar or kakak-kakak ipar kasih and mostly kerepok2 kacang2... hahaha... bagus jgak la.... kuih byk2 nanti bazir!
So, here are jus some of the pictures taken @ the uncle's. SELAMAT HARI RAYA KORANG! SALAH SILAP KE TERKASAR BAHASA VIA BLOG NIE.. AMPUNI LA DOSA2 KU. HEHE. ONE LOVE!



Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Don't worry... Ada BIMLA!"

YES! ITS ALL ABOUT BERKAT! Haha. Its really random yesterday when I went to Geylang with my mum and aunt. After walking ard... I told dem "lets go to Bimla... nak tgk2 berkat apa drg ade..." So drg pon ikot and tgk2 la berkat. And let me tell u this, ITS DAMN CHEAP LA. But theres a reason behind this..... they gonna stop selling berkat soon. So they are having clearance sales! Ini kira kan while stock last la... and its already LIMITED. Da tak banyak.
Mak always wanted to give crystal kind of berkat. Dulu2 lagi aku disagree.... mebbe becoz its really out of my budget....... its toooooo expensive..... Coz my budget is around $1500 for berkat(coz I'm not gonna get it at JB tats why I put that kind of budget. Knowing its SINGAPORE. Haha!).. Den I found this berkat online - its a Fan from Berkat Inc. Its so pretty actually and its selling at $1.30 come with the organza bag... But mak mcm 50-50 keep saying... kau nak, belik la.... den I dunno why I keep holding on to it. Never make any depo but the vendor was nice saying I still can think abt it. She already warn me tho if i tunggu lama2 takot harga dia tukar coz dia ikot US price... Think punya think punya think.... we end up buying berkats at Bimla!
We saw crystal kind of cup(???) selling at $1.80...... I was like.....eeeerrrk~ Die la if really mak wants it. lol!! I know I sound lokek... tapi BUDGET tetap BUDGET babe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Den the salesperson, Wati, was so nice.... melayan kita... and she said "jgn risau... kalau u beli more... u will get special price...." straight away I jump the question to "If I get 1000, wats the price like????" gan muka2 ghairah... actually I was expecting she would said $1.50 each. BUT HOR!!! I get it at $1.30! I WAS LIKE WOOOOOOOW!!! CHEAP OR WAT!!!!! Then I told my mum and aunt uh we go walk ard 1st den comeback .. let me think abt it.... the 1st person I msg was my BFF Najip. He said its damn cheap and its nice and he said its like "VINTAGE-Y" kind of crystal. LOL! "VINTAGE-Y" eh jip! LOL!!
So, again... kita masok BIMLA.... and my mum and aunt buat muka tebal asked for more discount! LOL!!! KLAKAR LA NI ADIK BERADIK! Bising! Bising in a good way! and my mum asked for $1 which MANE NAK DPT MAK OI $1!!!! N Wati being tabah and sabar.... she said "Okie last eh cik... saya boleh bagi $1.20." HAHAHAHHAAHAHA.... Ada la jgak more discount! Dari takde kan! And also it come with the box! Kan mcm worth gitu! Tak abik saying kan?! And dia cakap da tak banyak da nie benda...
Happily purchased my 1000 berkat - crystal cups. Can see how my mum looks like! Happy sangat! Coz mcm cita2 dia tercapai! Its under my budget. WHY NOT! But theres a downside to this..... Purchasing now means they need to send 1 week aft my full payment. Which dey do not do deposit and even keep it for us...... So smlm I haf to pay full and I'm getting it this coming Friday! WAHSEY! Den I need to keep my berkat for like 8 MONTHS?! Hurhur. And I will be receiving 20 cartons?! Mane la nak letak...... But mak said its okie... boleh make it.... 8 bulan je kan?! Shud be fast rite?! HAHAHAHA.
Beban berkat dabis!!! NEXT PLEASE!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day.

ASSALAMUALAIKUM! Hey hey hey. before i start anything regarding wedding thingy, let me just wish every abah, bapak, ayah, daddy, papa in whole world, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. But actually every day is daddy's day la kan. Since daddy lutot sakit and mum and me like super lazy nak go out, we ordered KFC as abah nak makan KFC. hehe. FOREVER LOVES HIS CHICKEN. Aku pulak jelak. But y not... its his day anyway.....

This is Abah. Enjoying his chicken.
So back to wedding updates. Recently, fiance already booked 1 more vendor for the wedding! and guess who/what he've booked?!
JENG JENG JEEEEEENG! ITS AKRAB KOMPANG SERVICES. Alhamdulillah!!! I super like them la. The atmosphere and such abt them its so right. And its within his budget. YEA YEA KITA DPT AKRAB! Hahahahahaha!!! So many good reviews about them. Looking forward for their performance. And knowing fiance love batik. I think he'll asked dem to wear their new uniform. Its soooooooooo his style la. Hahaha. came in at the right time. hahahahahaha!

Another news, yesterday evening, we go hunt down the wedding ring for me! Haha. I will be buying his ring in 2 weeks time!! N in 2 weeks time, bonus da masok(Alhamdulillah, tis yr lebih sikit dari last yr. Syukur!).. Anyway, he never get to bring back home the ring yesterday, becoz must alter the ring la. well, my finger small la. wat to do! hahaha.
For the 1st time in our life, we wen to orchard just to find ring. We didnt even go to otha shops like F21 or Pedro or watever la. hahahaha! our main objective was - ring. So we wen in to Soo Kee Jewel Pavillion, Lee Hwa Diomand Promenade, Goldheart Jewel Galleria all in ION. Sederet je semua. Compared all the prices during dinner. So its either Soo Kee or Lee Hwa. Both rings i like or should i say i LOVE ... So simple. Almost similar. But Soo Kee more pretty. But price wise lagi sedollar da $1K. haha. After discount la of coz! But at the end of the day, we decided on Lee Hwa.  Discount of 20% off becoz of GSS and additional of 10% becoz fiance has the membership under Lee Hwa. FEAR NOT! NO MEMBERSHIP NEVERMIND! If u guys ade Citibank or Stanrdard Chartered Credit Card also get additional 10% okie! Sharing is caring people! Part2 gini jangan lokek blg info.... well, i'm happy with the ring! ALHAMDULILLAH! I promise i will keep it for life... Insya Allah! Cant wait to see it again in 2 weeks time! Next yr my engagement ring ade new BFF. hehehe.
2 ITEM OFF HIS LIST! Kompang & cincin. Senang hati orang tu. beban nak belik cincin da habis cerita. Lol! Its the best time to buy wedding rings during GSS la eh. even the sales person say so. No sales ppl wont go in. Ade kedai up to 80% off but itu la... mata i tak berkenan. Bukan i je okie. Even fiance mata tak berkenan. LOL! I think mebbe he knows wat sort off ring i'm aiming. i really dont asked much. seriously. kalau ade lagi murah but mata pandang lawa confirm da grab. But we mata tak berkenan den wat to do....
And the fiance said he doesnt wan any expensive ring for himself... he said for wat buy him expensive ring... haha.... dia kata utk dia cincin tak important. i really love him la. but i wont buy SUPER CHEAP RING of coz! Mcm tak sampai hati. So, we are aiming Meyson ring for him..... Insya Allah dpt yg mcm dia nak... coz i know wat kind of ring he wants. he's such a simple guy.... Pada dia, PS4 important! cincin takde pon takpe dia ckp! hahahahahahahaha!! GUYS! Biasa la kan~
Well, checklist for the "Her to him" dulang finally up in my hp. Haha. List as below:-
Next aim like i said will be the ring and aft that will be the shades from T.O.T... Coz i ade voucher... buy 1 get 1 free. and we agreed to pay half-half. coz kedai tu harga dia pon boleh tahan teruk. So okie la kan! Dia dpt shades... i pon dpt shades! yea! Kita 2 ade se-fahaman.... that is why i love and treasure this relationship. susah datang ye guys like him~ hehe.
well, so far so good for us.. all according to plan. WOOOT WOOT! I'm sucha happy lady! like seriously.... its been a smoooooooooth planning so far. Alhamdulillah!!!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy moment



ALHAMDULILLAH! Finally, she's married to her bestie! Hehe! It was a beautiful day for this beautiful couple. And we, the orang-orang kuat, Team Groom & Team Bride of #DivaDynoWedding sungguh awesome like tat lor! Tak percaya? Please ask the DJ. Haha.
I swear it was 1 of the best wedding being a bridemaids. Maybe, this time we are super involved with a wedding. We laughed, ate, camwhore mcm nak mampos and we even cried together. her speech was priceless, lagi2 for her Maid of honour aka her Bestie. Before she start she already crying... and her last sentence I will never forget.... "Eventho aku da berumah tangga, don't worry, I will always be there for you." CRY CRY CRY!!! Aku yg feeling coz her maid of honour was beside me hugging.... aku da la crybaby! dia nangis, airmata I pon flowing uh!
Nasib uh aku da takde Bestie perempuan lagi. Haha. I'm being frank here. TRUE STORY GANG! Its really super duper waste of time having few bestie and end up kene stab by the back. OUCH MUCH. Put tat aside. Its super over for this few. Kalau tak aku rasa dia/dorang da jadi Maid of honour aku and speech aku pon agak nya mcm si Fit nie...... How I wish I could be there for someone like her bestie. TOO BAD YANI. But hey, I've lots of goodfriends & childhood(consider mcm BFF but we seldom meet that's the only problem here. haha!) frens to keep. The ones which matter the most.
Well, as for now, out of 6 girlfirends. 2 down. and 4 more to go! And guess what?! NEXT WILL BE MY WEDDING! Damn I'm super excited and pretty stress sometimes. Finance problem. But! its all good. wedding its all about $$. In God will, insya Allah I can pull it tru. Another 9 months it will be over! and u can SHOP already! LOL!!! Yah, my problem is I like to kinda waste money! Nak shopping je. But nak buat camner? Kdg2 step mcm dlm bank tu takde duit la kan. padahal padahal la! kene act sikit!
On another note, Ramadhan is getting nearer. R u guys ready?! Hehehe!